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05-02-2001, 10:43 PM
Ok guys this might sound like a troll post but read on some good questions for you.
Firstly Ill start off by saying I did "trad" Wing chun William cheung lineage for quite a few years.
Also trained with him on 3 seminars.... Very commercial but nice guy anyway.... On to the topic
Over time looking at different styles you come to gain ability as you progress and think wow .. example of yielding and suppleness from tai chi footwork from bagua power from hung gar etc etc .. some very basic examples
When I look at wing chun I see the potential for all these things but I dont see them being taught

In lessons you learn your punches do your forms ... sometimes applications have nothing to do with how its done in the form ... do your pak sau chi sau etc... When it comes to sparring if you fight guys from other schools you use your hands like Wt and your kicks like a taekwon do kikcboxer dude.

My point

Wing chun basic straight punch is called noy moon chie or sun fist ... meaning its an internal strike ... a strike with jing explosion. No not the inch punch... how many of you learn this as an internal strike
The chi sau ... everyone say its sticking hands for sensitivity ... blah it sfor cultivating energy....
The sticking legs ... is how to avoid using kickboxing kicks... closr the gap and stick to the legs...
Sil lim tao take ages to perform it creater lots of internal power
etc etc etc

How many of you actually practise wing chun traditionally like this... ?
Secondly how many of you practise a lineage that is not under yip man ??
I have read that there are 5 different lineages other than yip mans some of them have lots of different forms in them like moi fah kuen and things like this...
Austing gohs lineage has arrow punch form sand bag form kicking form all in true winch chun fashion....

Anyone ??

05-03-2001, 12:52 AM
I don't understand what your question is.
could you please simplify it for slower people like me?thanks. :D

05-03-2001, 06:53 AM
Wongsifu> I understand your point in terms of sparring though i feel you're missing an important concept. Yes, a lot of the time during sparring the kicking comes to resemble kickboxing but thats mainly due to the fact that wing chun kicks (at least from what i understand) are not really designed for sparring.

In truth, our kicks are pretty devastating. We use them to jam and block an opponents kicks (useful for sparring) and frequently to disable the knee of the opponent. While joint kicks are useful for real-life situations, they're definitely not the best for play sparring (unless the practitioner has enough control to make sure to land his/her kick above or below the joint) so some non-traditional kicks start to appear.

As well, especially with beginers, kickboxing kicks start to appear because they have trouble bridging the gap into hand technique range--so they try to keep an opponent at bay with kickboxing kicks

just my opinion, thanks,


Dave Farmer
05-03-2001, 08:11 AM
Hi wong

The WC I practice is done so within the traditional frame work from the Yip Man lineage , as in the structure from and depth of tecnique in the forms, chi sau etc.

But as with the fundamental core of Wing Chun concepts, the applications, development and evolution of the system comes from personal interpretation.

Sparring is also a learning curve. Learning HOW to apply the techniques in the correct structure and developing the timing and distancing, using the chi sau skills to engage the bridge and climb the limbs and using the kicks as they are meant to be used takes both time, and a realistic approach.

The main problem with sparring is that most times, it starts and finishes as 2 people standing off throwing boxing jabs and long range kicks without ever actually committing 2 a technique. You are then forced to go on the offensive to try close the opponent down to 'seek the bridge' and get in there.

As to the Kicking forms and sand bag forms, as My sifu began in the Austin Goh lineage it is still taught in our association.
The forms come from the Yip Man lineage via the late Lee Shing Sifu.
Whether they Were Yip Man introduced or a creation of Lee Shing there is much hearsay and speculation.

For the other Lineages, Rene Ritchie/Robert Chu wrote a good book 'Complete Wing Chun' which goes into the history of Yuen Kay San, Pao fa lien, Hung Fa yee, Chi Shin and a few others.

Also the Ving Tsun museum and Wing Chun Kuen web sites have info on the systems.


Dave F

'wing chun men do it with sticky hands'

05-03-2001, 09:41 AM
"you use your hands like Wt and your kicks like a taekwon do kikcboxer dude."

Not flaming but it sounds like you were at the wrong school.

05-03-2001, 04:14 PM
We really do practice it internally.


Be true and loving.

05-03-2001, 09:37 PM
tn wing tsun yeah i was, key word is i was :) I left for obvious reasons
the teacher used to be a taekwon do guy :D

thanks for the info on the book ill have to check it out ... been looking for somthing like that out of interest for quite a while.
thanks again