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05-23-2001, 06:03 PM
I know it's bad to press downwards with the Fuk Sau, but is it possible to use too much <U>forward</U> pressure in two-arm Chi Sau? There's a guy in my class who is more advanced than me and pretty heavily conditioned. When I roll arms with him his Fuk arms are <U>extremely</U> heavy, but when I check him by dropping my hands, his hands spring forward. I'm not getting much value rolling with him, because it takes all my effort just to hold his arms up! Pretty soon my shoulders get tired, my Bong and Tan collapse, and he's shooting in. Is he using too much forward pressure or is he just better than me? :confused: If he's using too much pressure, what techniques can I do to take advantage of this? I don't want to "one up" him for my ego's sake. I just don't know how else to convince him other than actually taking advantage of any weakness he's creating by overcommitting. Assuming he is, of course. :)

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05-23-2001, 06:26 PM
There are three ways to do Chi Sao. Very light pressure develops sensitivity. Very hard pressure develops structure. Medium pressure develops both. When rolling with this guy concentrate on your stucture and you will get something out of the exercise. Also, you are very correct in not letting your ego get in the way. Just equalize what ever he is doing and get the most out of your practice. However, if you're feeling downward pressure your partner is doing it wrong (even if he can recover quickly). You may want to help him with directing it forward. If he doesn't respond and correct, this you have done all you can and will pass him up. Just make sure you are getting the most out of your practice and don't worry about others too much. Your learning isn't dependant on your partner, you control your own destiny.

05-23-2001, 07:38 PM
Also, if you're really struggling with the pressure he's giving you ask him to lighten up a little bit so you can feel what's going on better. You aren't going to learn much if you're rotator cuffs start to burst every time you touch arms with the guy.

As far as the particular question, if he lightens up and you still feel that he is holding proper position with his fook sau, but your shoulders are still burning out quickly, it may be because you are either lifting up against his hand with your tan sau, or you aren't rotating your bong sau properly. Or maybe he is just being heavy, but you can't find a way aroud his arms.

I wouldn't know for sure what the problem is unless I could stand there and watch you guys. If you're getting frustrated with the problem, ask your instructor to roll with you and highlight where you're holding proper postiion, and where you could use some help.


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