View Full Version : any people would like to workout in san antonio....

06-02-2001, 02:03 AM
i was wondering, i have also been reading,some people visit san antonio,twice a week, or are moving to town, would ya'll like to work out some time?
simple angles

06-03-2001, 08:27 PM
Who do you train with in San Antonio?

06-04-2001, 12:39 AM
i train with gilbert leal, and you?

06-04-2001, 03:59 PM
I am not currently training under anyone. I train mostly with friends right now. I go to San Antonio quite a bit, and I have a lot of friends in San Antonio who train. I don't know if I am going this weekend or not though, but I will let you know.

06-04-2001, 06:11 PM
Where in San Antonio are you? Ill be returning home to San Antonio, and will require a good martial arts partner to help with my training...

I have training in many things, wing chun, shaolin, muay thai,

Get back to me through email if you are interested. Ill be living in NE side, near live oak.

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06-04-2001, 07:38 PM
Do you have an email address? I have some people who might be interested in training with you there. And I probably will be going there within the next couple of weekends.

06-04-2001, 08:48 PM
my address is jgvasquez40@hotmail.com, ive talked to you before vankuen, in aol, i used to be feilung2, el clap, how many friends do you train with, the more the merrier..

06-04-2001, 08:49 PM
do you know who gilbert leal is?
open question,for anybody

06-04-2001, 09:06 PM
I have no idea who Gilbert Leal is. I train with a couple of people in San Antonio. I haven't been training with them in a while though. I just sent your email to a JKD friend of mine. He knows some wing chun and some other stuff, but he's been hounding me to come and do some chisao with him. He's a good fighter. There are some other guys I train with but I haven't spoken with them in a few weeks. I'll see if they are looking for some more guys.

06-06-2001, 05:31 AM
I'll probly be visiting san antonio at the end of the summer and would like get together and spar or something.


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06-06-2001, 06:54 AM
ya sure...just e-mail, when your in or about to be in town

06-07-2001, 07:48 PM
My email address for anyone who would like to get a gung fu club together (just for training together...) is vankuen@aol.com or you can use the one from my website webmaster@vankuen.com

I wont be arriving in SA till mid november. I was going to look into the leung ting school on austin hwy if anyone has any input as to its worth. Any input would be appreciated good or bad.

I look forward to meeting with you all and learning from each of you, when I get home of course. Also for those of you that are there...what sides of town are you all from? I live on the NE side near live oak...any of you near there?

"From one thing know ten thousand" - Miyomato Musashi, Book of five rings

06-07-2001, 07:51 PM
Definitely worth checking out.

06-08-2001, 06:23 AM
leung ting, taught my teacher, he was one of the first teachers in the states under him...and william parker and jeff webb, were his students then when my teacher broke off, they stayed with mr. leung...and are now, " the highest level teachers in texas, well jeff webb is, i think parker, is goin for his third technition level..which is "teacher level"...just a little info...

06-08-2001, 07:47 AM
Do any of you know about the details of his class or how the teaching caliber is? Have any of you been in or seen any of the classes?

Im just asking because with a thread like this one.....people looking for wing chun partners and all, I wonder why they dont just go the local wing chun school in town....which in this case is the parker school of leung tings lineage. '

Ive heard some good things about that particular school/sifu as well as some bad...and considering you all in SA dont train there.....it makes me wonder why...

Also who is this Gary Leal person? Is he wing chun or JKD? Is he near the NE side?

"From one thing know ten thousand" - Miyomato Musashi, Book of five rings

06-10-2001, 04:49 PM
I have not heard from my friend. How did it go with him? He's an amazing fighter and though not wing chun, you can learn a lot from him.

06-22-2001, 08:42 AM
Hey guys, Im counting down, only four months till I get home!! Looking for a good group of people to train with in SA, so if youre interested, let me know!

"From one thing know ten thousand" - Miyomato Musashi, Book of five rings