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06-06-2000, 03:20 PM
East Winds Bookstore, San Francisco is having a huge sale on martial arts VCD's from China. Prices are from $5.50 (most of them) to $10/$20 (2+ discs).

These are the same VCD's that is on CS Tang's website ($12 and up).

Wing Chun: Pan Nam's Sil Nim Cheong, Chum Kiu, Bil Gee, Bat Chum Dao, Luk Dim Boon Gwun. I was not impressed at all. Looks like village style demo for tourists.

Sun Tai Chi from Sun, Lu-Tang's daughter. Sun Tai Chi Gim is also available. Not bad for an elder demo.

Yang Tai Chi Dao and Gim by Yang, Cheng-Fu's son. The sets are demoed by Yang's great grandson though.

I have no connection to the store or its owners, but the prices are super cheap! If you went to China, these discs would only cost a $1 U.S.

06-12-2000, 09:41 PM
So how do I contact these people if I want a VCD?

07-09-2000, 05:24 AM
Do they have the wu manchu VCD's I saw?

Yeah, how do we contact them?