View Full Version : Does wing chun lack fluidity?

09-03-2000, 10:52 PM
i believe that fluidity is essential to an effective art. by fluidity i mean the smooth and continuous transition from one technique, stance, ect., to another. now i find this prevalent in wing chun's hand techniques with its emphasis on chi sao and sensitivity. however, i dont see it as evidently in its footwork, stances or leg techniques. its stancework is especially rigid to me. although it is relatively useful for forward and backward movement, i think it lacks a bit of preparation for circular and some side movement. the weight being 100% on the back leg leaves you vulnerable to being pushed over or simply unbalanced. also, in the stance there is no freedom and by that i mean you simply remain in the stance. i am used to continuous motion rarely remaining still. intraining students 'flow' with eachother similar to chi sao only utilizing the entire body. this is done very slowly and in my opinion greatly aids the development of instinctual technique. i recently began studying wing chun and would be interested in hearing any opinions about this. perhaps i simply dont understand.