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08-16-2000, 08:02 PM
could anyone give me what thier single most important factor is in any fight????
(pleaz i'd like to get an idea of what everyone thinks is the 1 most critical point not 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ....)

Sean Madigan
08-16-2000, 09:02 PM

I say the most important factor in a fight is to establish control. You, as a fighter, much control the fight in every sense of the word.

You must control the tempo, the distance, everything.


BIG Sean Madigan

08-16-2000, 09:13 PM
I agree with Sean that it is control, but I will take it one step further and say it is having control of yourself, physically and mentally. You can't control other if you can't control yourself. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

08-17-2000, 07:53 AM
Timing timing timing /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif))and keep it simple,direct and efficiency. if you think is too late.

VingTsun from Wong Shun Leung method?if yes,that s the best WC I see ...you have a good opportunitie keep training

08-19-2000, 08:18 AM
Everything listed so far is good. I would like to add to the pot the lack of emotion. To fight effectively one must be able to react without anger and to detach from emotions. One should focus on reacting regardless of consequence. If you can focus your mind on the moment without thought of winning or losing you will be formidable. If you worry or allow your emotions to control you, you will most likely think to much to be as effective.



08-20-2000, 09:23 AM
hi guys
odviously u are the only 1z with views on this subject so let me give u folks what i know to be the ultimate truth 'TIME'
all of the above are excellent anwers but think about this & let me know what u think.
the way we c it is that no matter all the skills, experience, tech., strength etc mean squat if u r silly enough to let a fight go longer than need be.
no matter how pathetic your opponent may be he only needs to land 1 lucky shot & it could be all over 4 u the more experienced & better fighter.
also if faced with more than 1 opponent time is of the essence & i would hope no 1 would stuff around in this situation.
hope to hear from y'all real soon.

08-20-2000, 12:47 PM
I don't think anyone really ever has total control over anything. There is the illusion of control, but anything can happen at any time. I think the most important thing is to not underestimate your enemy. That along with knowledge of yourself. "The man who overcomes 1,000 men is great, but the man who overcomes himself is truly master."