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08-18-2000, 07:36 AM
Does anyone know and care to share their knowledge on the history of Wing Chun?

08-19-2000, 08:13 AM
Hi huineng,

To really get a good overall view of the history of Wing Chun I would reccommend picking up the book "Complete Wing Chun" by rene Ritchie and Robert Chu and a third guy I always forget ;(

This book give a pretty good overview of the different lineages as well as the different histories hadned down by tradition.

Basically you have the Ng Mui/Yim Wing Chun version and the Red Junk versions. If you want to discuss this i greater detail let me know. Still, there are so many versions floating around it can get confusing. The Ng Mui/Yim Wing Chun version seems the most widely known but of recent history seems to have fallen out of popularity. You could also contact the Ving Tsun Museum as they have done much research into this subject and are currently concentrating on yet another branch Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun. Here's the link for the museum:

You can also check out the following:
www.wingchun.org (http://www.wingchun.org)
www.wingchunkuen.com (http://www.wingchunkuen.com)
Wingchunkuen is Rene Ritchies site and has a section on Founders and ancestors.

Good luck,