View Full Version : The 1st Luk Dim Boon Cudgel book?

08-20-2000, 03:14 PM
Decades ago while I was browsing Bredan Lai's Martial Arts' book section, I could have sworn that I saw one of the first text on the cudgel. It was a private publication by Eddie Chong or was it Chris Chan?

At the time, there were a handful of WC books besides James Yimme Lee & BL:

- Greco Wong's, Joseph Cheng's, Leung Ting's, and Yip Man's Mook Yan Jong by ??? Chan.

Does anyone remember that cudgel book and is it considered a classic or collector's item by now?

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08-20-2000, 06:40 PM
I used to have that book. I would love to get another copy of that book. Somehow my copy got misplaced over the years. If you have a copy or know where to obtain one I would love to hear from you.