View Full Version : Weapons drills for the Bart cham dao and the long pole

08-29-2000, 12:00 AM
Knive and pole drills.

I would like to know does any one have a set number of drill for each weapons to develop specific atributes. I have been told
by my sifu that the long pole develops bridging skills and power extension as well
as body unity. since we use the tip of the pole to tranfer power. I want to know if anyone else has the same infromation. And that the knives were taught to fight against eight diffrent weapons that one would have to deal with at the time. as well as structure and whippping power froml the wrists.

08-29-2000, 02:15 AM

You mentioned in another post that your wing chun is of mainland china. If you don't mind, can you list your lineage? There are many different wing chun branches in mainland, I would appreciate if you can specify which branch you are from.