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sifu dan
09-06-2000, 08:28 PM
hey guys,im new here. i have a problem with the secretive nature of wing chun.i have been doig wing chun for a while,and my teacher still holds out on me. and he has shared more than any other teacher i have met.but they hold back on the deeper understanding of the art.my teacher used to be much more opn,we have mainland china wing chun,and hong kong.but i am missing pieces.too many drills,not enough lecture on how and why.our guys get real good i lop sa,some at chi sau,and they can handle most wc guys. thats sad,because our guys dont really knw the art. that shows how little alot of other teachers are showing.any way,after 8 yrs with one sifu,i am looking for a new sifu. i am interested in alan fong,does anyone know how i may contact him?

09-06-2000, 09:13 PM
Sifu Dan,

Contact me at the following email address and I can put you in contact with Alan Fong. That is if this is the same person who went with Leung Ting to introduce WT to Germany. I used to live with him in his house.



BTW; Lets try to keep this board free of "politics".

09-06-2000, 09:33 PM
Sifu Dan, do you make up your own applications?

sifu dan
09-07-2000, 03:05 AM
yes, i have a teaching cert. in kali and mande muda silat,and i am a blue belt in bjj.i am a wing chun guy,i lerned these other arts, to see how they fight. i make up applications from wc against these arts. i know how to grapple,so i use the movements of chum kiu to make applications vs grappling.i say make them up,but im sure way before me,someone else did the same thing.bt traditioally,i have not seen many appl against grappling.

09-07-2000, 10:07 AM
hey sifu dan
if you've been with him for this long & youfeel he's holding out would probably be inclined to say that in most casesthis means that the insructor is keen to make money or that he just doesn't know the exercise & all their applications to show you.
i think you have probably made the right decision to find an instructor who will share all his knowledge.
by the way i found there to be no secretive nature to vt if you find a teacher who does not have their own reason for wanting to make it apear that way.

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09-07-2000, 05:15 PM
Sounds great, Sifu Dan!

Admittedly, a good WC sifu can help you think of things you originally didn't think of.

That's provided you fulfill the premise "originally didn't think of" - which you clearly have successfully done and will continue to do!

sifu dan
09-07-2000, 05:31 PM
my sifu knows wing chun,in and out. hes not the greatest in the world,but he understands the system. i see how deeply he taught my sihing,he explained all the principles,and the how and whys.but he doesnt d that an more. also y sihing is still complaining that he is being held back.its not about money,because i dont pay.

09-11-2000, 02:01 AM
As long as we are on the subject of sifus, can an experienced WC/WT stylist (Sihing 73, Sandman, etc.)or any other interested party give me an accurate (and hopefully unbiased) summary of the feud between Sifu Emin Boztepe and the Gracies. I have read the open letter from Sifu Boztepe to the Gracies and that is the extent of my knowledge. I know this already has been driven into the ground and I apologize for bringing it back up. However, I would like to learn more about this for my own benefit as Emin Boztepe is my sifu and his behavior will speak of his character.


P.S. If you can direct me to any articles on the feud from martial arts magazines, I would appreciate it.

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sifu dan
09-12-2000, 03:09 AM
tsb, all i can say is from what i read,and from a brief conversation with one of emns students. i figure that since he speaks of this feud on his wt video,for all te world to see and hear, i assume his side of the story was true. obviously he is not scared,since he put it out on video.that is all i can say,i hope it helps.

09-12-2000, 10:52 AM
Thanks, Dan. I have probably heard the same things from my sihings and fellow WT students that you were told. While I want to believe the WT side, I certainly haven't heard or seen the perspective of an informed third party. I am also interested in the BJJ side of things. However, I would hesitate to believe some of the opinions of BJJ'ers on that post on this site. Could you tell me what you have read and if it was from an outside source?


09-12-2000, 10:01 PM
I take it Sifu Emin Boztepe is a wing chunner? So, it's a wing chun vs BBJ beef? What happened, have they fought yet, or is it purely philosophical disagreement?

09-12-2000, 11:14 PM

Yes, Sifu Boztepe runs the American Wing Tsun Organization, which is the American branch of Leung Ting's style of WC. This beef goes back to the mid 90's. Sifu Boztepe took issue with how WC was poorly represented in the UFC after a few WC guys were defeated. It was more of a Boztepe-Gracie beef in that Sifu Boztepe supposedly was challenged by the Gracies. To what exactly I still don't know. Most likely to compete in the UFC, but I am not sure. By which Gracies, I don't know either. BJJ'ers would probably know. Anyways, no fight ever happened and things have cooled off as this was six years ago. It was not philosphical disagreement but rather a question of who challenged whom, publicity seeking on both sides, and pride.


sifu dan
09-13-2000, 02:39 AM
from what i know,emin was ****ed at how the ufc was not real streetfighting,and rorion gracie was saying that oter styles were inferior to gjj.rorion is famous for this stuff.then he went on to say that the proof wasin the ufc,since royc always won,gjj is best.emin somehow contacted them,or thy contacted him,to get him in the ufc. emin said he would fight in the parking lot,and he would do it now. rorion only wanted royce to fihght in the ufc. so emin said it was not real unless it was in the street. so of course the gracies wanted no part of that. i study both arts,and i thik emin would win quickly. anway,thats all i now,and i dont know for sure that this is what happened,i was not there. buy emins tape,he talks about it.

09-13-2000, 02:58 AM
Thanks again, Sifu Dan.


09-21-2000, 02:41 AM

If you're in NYC, why don't you come down to my school as my guest and talk to my Sifu Allan Lee. I've never gotten the feeling that he's holding back. I know that feeling all too well.

He shows you how to approach a problem and solve in such that you know for yourself what is practical and what is effecient.

If you're interested, just let me know.