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12-12-2000, 06:15 AM
Does anybody know of any instructors that are well versed in this art? The name C.C. Liu has been mentioned to me. DOes anybody know anything about his Wah Shing Kung Fu School?

Julian Dale
12-12-2000, 12:26 PM
Master Ken Fish teaches Hsing Yi in Maryland if that is close to you. He can be contacted on kjfish@hotmail.com

Good luck

12-12-2000, 04:34 PM
Thanks for the lead, I will definitely check it out. I hope he is not too far out from DC. Anybody familiar with the area knows that the Beltway traffic is unbelievable. I wouldn't want to disrespect a teacher by being unpredictably late on occasion. Schools with metro subway access would be preferred. This is why I am also looking for info on Master Liu. I know he teaches styles other than Hsing-i as well ie. t'ien shen pai (sp.), tai-chi chuan, and bagua chuan.

12-12-2000, 08:52 PM
Ok I know alot about this guy from my senior classmate who currently studies with him for the past decade.

As a senior student of CC. lui he has been able to only get a little bit of hsingyi off of him. My suggestin cause i have seen the hsingyi in the DC area is go to Omei kungfu school, they are doing alot of hsingyi right now because the teacher sifu Lu Xiao ling just got back from china and her teacher is a hsingyi bagua guy named something like - wang Shu tien (same as Master Liangs shouyu's teacher).

I had done hsingyi with several people in the Dc area and find that they are doing alot with hsingyi. the senior student of CC lui trains there and gets more hsingyi at Omei than any other school.

sometimes li tai liang comes to the area, but i think its better to have a regular teacher around all the time.

12-13-2000, 06:31 AM
That is a shame about Master Liu. It was too convenient to be true. Was your friend a ti'en shen pai student first, who later tried to gain hsing-i knowledge from him or did he pursue hsing-i for ten years and only learned a little?

Where is the O-mei school? Do they teach it as a martial art or just for health?

12-13-2000, 06:02 PM
The senior student i mention is a very ecclectic practioner. he is american person born in china so he must be a reincarnation of a monk i think sometimes. His parents were living in Tsingtao at the time of alot of changes in china, but he remembers as a child the temples and monks before it was outlawed.

This gentleman is a buddhist and sees alot of masters and trains at several schools. He writes for Inside kung fu and just did and article on wushu in america. He has learned from CC Lui and wrote and aricle on CC in Inside kung fu. He went to Tai Yim's school, vietnamese kung fu school, Robert Smith's school, been to many seminars on many different subjects ranging from pakua, hsingyi,taiji, and weapons. He jumps into the wushu classes sometimes. Though he is old and not flexible, he has alot of spirit and determination and a genuine love for kung fu for an elderly person. he is the best story teller there is about his experience with many many teachers and know so much about there personal lives also.

The omei school hsingyi emphasis is on correct form before learning applications. though i have been to many hsingyi experts, i dont think anyone at omei knows as much as i have learned. the importance of hsingyi applications lies within the two person fighting drills within hsingyi that they dont teach there. it develops sensitivity like push hands does for taiji. anyone can become good at self defense through proper basics and training. i dont get much on the type of instruction that says this is the application and how it works, cause in a fight anything goes.

02-24-2001, 10:08 PM
So where is the Omei school? Does anybody else know of any Hsing-i teachers in the area? How about the other internal styles?

02-24-2001, 11:58 PM
"So where is the Omei school?"

It's in Alexandria. Here's the website:

I have relatives in Alexandria, VA, which is how I found out about that school. Good luck in your search!

02-25-2001, 03:33 AM
OK, I am a little confused. While not being anti-modern wushu, I don't think it is for me. I am also more interested in the internal styles, than the external ones. I have absolutely no kung fu training, and I don't expect to learn how to use the internal kung fu techniques I am shown in a combat text for quite some time. However, I am a little uneasy about studying at a school that never gets to that area of training.

Does anybody else know any info on C.C. Liu? Ispoke to some body that said they learned Hsing-i from him starting on day one. He simply expressed that as his area of interest, and so the training began. It ended with the student moving away. He didn't learn much, but that was more a factor of him leaving.