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12-17-2000, 06:33 AM
Anyone know any good internal CMA sifu's in Houston? Particularly in the southeast area?

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12-17-2000, 03:31 PM
There are virtualy no good teachers in the southeast area.

Most of the CMA instructors are located in West Houston.

If you are interested in Chen style, Bagua, and Xingyi, Bomani Maghribi - 5 Element Kung Fu school on Fannin close to Elgin is good. Bomani's Chen style is better than most of the so-called "Chinese" direct-lineage (according to them ayway) masters. The only person who I could recommend more highly for Bagua and Xingyi is not accepting students currently.

The absolute best internal teacher in the area is also not actively accepting students. for more information - send me e-mail at glw51@hotmail.com

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01-27-2001, 07:20 AM
I am interested in finding TRADITIONAL Bagua, Chen Tai Chi, or Xingyi in Houston. The only "Bagua" school I've come across in Houston was a disappointing affair that taught useless contemporary wushu and flew a Korean flag.

Is this other teacher planning to accept students again in the future? I need a place to train on Tues, Thurs, and Fridays. Please advise.


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01-30-2001, 05:36 AM
I tried calling these guys over a period of a few days and couldn't get past the answering machine (it was in Arabic and mine is a tad rusty). So I drove by the address listed in the phone book and it was a ladies clothing shop - resale, too I think. If anybody has an idea of how to get a hold of them, I'd appreciate the advice. It appears they have moved.

Thx / MSM

01-30-2001, 06:10 AM
I have at least 8 bagua teachers listed in my directory at my website (http://kabooom.com/htmls/baguaschools.html)

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01-30-2001, 04:38 PM
What Northern mantis do you practice?

01-30-2001, 05:11 PM
Are you asking me? The mantis style I do is of the six harmonies and 7 star families. For the past 7 years I have studied nothing but bagua though. After about three more years I will go back to learn more Mantis. Even now in fighting I tend to fall back on it and it was my first love in kung fu.

01-31-2001, 01:48 AM
Bomani has an import shop and clothing that he and his wife run...that is the front.

The side part used to be the school and he recently moved it to the back.

For information, you may try leaving him a message with a number to call you. You may also try stopping by and asking for him.

He is 6'4" tall so not easy to miss.

01-31-2001, 02:16 AM
From the other site...

George Hu is not in the same league as Bomani. Also, if he knows Bagua at all, it is not too well done.

Al-Walee is OK but quite expensive ...you may find him less than eager to accept students.

The other Texas instructors are also not in the same league but...it doesn't matter since they are all in places like Austin (3 hour drive from Houston), Dallas - (4 to 5 hour drive from Houston --- Plano, Richardson, Arlington, are all in the Dallas area...Rowlett is about the same distance.) Keep in mind, Texas is a big state. At 70 mph, to go from Beaumont to El Paso is around 16 hours driving.

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01-31-2001, 03:48 PM
Info appreciated.