View Full Version : Hsing-I I need detailed info

wisdom mind
01-09-2001, 08:00 PM
any sites you can list? that explain the elements and animals and how they relate to Hsing-i

many thanks

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Eight Diagram Boxer
01-09-2001, 11:40 PM
I'm not sure if they have what you're looking for but they might: <A HREF="http://www.hsing-i.com/" TARGET="_blank">http://www.hsing-i.com/</A>

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wisdom mind
01-10-2001, 12:24 AM
just the type of background info i needed many thanks and never forget to pour fire pon the wikked

01-10-2001, 01:38 AM
<A HREF="http://www.emptyflower.com" TARGET="_blank">www.emptyflower.com</A>

Has some nice info, and a message board with wicked posters, though it's not as active as this one.