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01-20-2001, 01:12 AM
The only kung fu of any style that I have been able to find here on the central coast of cali is Tai Chi. A beginners class is starting this Tuesday. When I spoke with the instructors husband he told me that they teach simplified Yang style, 48 forms. I don't know very much about Tai Chi. Is this just some watered down crap for americans? Or will it be worth my while to study it, maybe providing some kind of foundation for future studies of a more traditional nature? I'm not too sure what to do. I had more questions but the guy seemed to be in a hurry to get off the phone. Also, they charge $65 a month for only two hour long classes a week, and that seems like too much. I have my heart set on the Chinese arts, but if it's not this I'm probably going to start taking Shotokan Karate. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. And if anyone out there knows of sifus of any CMA between Santa Maria and Paso Robles Cali, let me know whats up.


Chris McKinley
01-20-2001, 06:52 AM
To answer your first question...no, it's not watered down crap for Americans. It's watered down crap for the Chinese. It was just imported here. The 24 and 48 versions are for wushu competition and for health purposes only, as per the statements of their designers.

It may prove valuable as a first introduction to the principles of internal arts, but it will prove nearly useless in conveying real useable combat skill. Besides, most American Yang Cheng fu Taiji instructors don't have the slightest clue what the real combat applications, the yung ma, of their art even were.

However, if you are interested in it for health, then you may be pleasantly surprised, given that the teacher is good. Anyway, good luck. :

01-20-2001, 03:27 PM
There are so many schools and teachers even in your immediate area. Here you are comparing two styles which couldn't be more opposite. When thinking about starting martial arts you should think about which one matches your temperament and personality. The n find a teacher who does know about the art and is not in a hurry to "get off the phone". Sounds like this guy is not the one. Also, I think his rates are a bit steep for what they are offering.

It sounds like you have already made up your mind that you want to study Chinese Martial Arts. I wouldn't waste my time and money settling for something you are not even willing to commit to. You must spend alot of time with your style before you even see the benefits. Keep Looking!
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01-20-2001, 07:30 PM
Im probably just going to wait until I move back down to Pasadena. I was born and raised there, and even though Ive been interested in CMA for years I never had enough money to train. I just looked for schools down there and found several different styles. Im leaning towards a Choy Lay Fut club that teaches very close to where I used to live. Thanks for the info.