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moslem boxer
01-26-2001, 01:45 AM
Greeting's: In the quest for Mastery in the art of Hsing Yi Chuan
(1)is it necessary to stand in San Ti and do nothing else for the first year .

(2)Should one do San Ti and stepping exercise only during the first year.

(3)Or do San Ti, stepping exersises and begin the Wu Xing but place more emphasis on San Ti. Thank's....

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bean curd
01-26-2001, 11:41 AM
ok, i'll take this one, but like all things only my opinion.

first off, taking out the actuall physical reality of doing santi, when they speak of you doing santi for 1 yr, they are also trying to make you understand the importance that santi is to xingyi.

imagine doing nothing but this stance for this amount of time in the fashion that is asked, well my two cents, pretty bloody difficult.

you stand on santi as long as can,if it is only two minutes then two minutes is sufficient, with the usage of the five elements santi will become more proficient

if you are doing yi chuan, then the principles are different, saying that, the norm is to do santi for a week, then metal for two weeks,then after that the other four, one at a time, a week for each.

usually you will then learn the five element linking form, if you concentrate up to here, then in one year, things will fall into place, from there, then the fun of the animals comes in.

yep lots more hard work.

from the novice perspective, the essential thing is to get correct body allignment,and movement, don't worry to much on the internal, the above two principles are of great importance to achieve a better result in the end.

however don't go for pure physical force, you must be soft at the start of the move and then hard at the end of the move.

hope this has helped

01-26-2001, 03:28 PM
Hi all,
When I was learning Xingi we did, in fact practice Santi (and piquan) for the first year and yes it was bloody miserable. But after it was done I was quite strong. It really helped in understanding peng jin. BTW a little secret-push out mingmen (lumbar) a little to connect the alignment.

doug maverick
02-05-2001, 09:47 PM
santi is the basic posture of all xing yi when learning the drills the santi is in everyone of them i thimk that you should sit in the santi posture as long as possible on both sides before and after practice that way you are sure to gain the abillities that come with mastering the santi posture

02-08-2001, 10:05 PM
There's no way around it man. If you want to develope real power in your hsing-i then san-ti work is essential. The old masters trained san-ti for hour upon hour because they understood the energy it would develope. Let me be so bold as to say that it is the single most important part of all of your hsing-i training. San-ti practice developes intrinsic energy in the legs which is where all real power comes from. The more work on san-ti and the more intrinsic energy you will develope. We need only to be reminded of the "Divine Crushing Fist" Gou Yu Shen who did little more than standing practice for over 3 years while in prison. It became such a focal point of his training that after being released he focused on it almost exclusively. He would often tell his students not to make the "grand mistake" made by their contemporaries, reffering to the practice of focusing too much on the exact and precise execution of forms rather than energy and intrinsic strength developement. He emphasized standing to a great extent and realized it's value both to health developement and martial skills.
Also, as a side note: Anyone interested in hsing-i whatsoever needs to check out Dennis Rovere's book on the subject. It is the best hsing-i book I have ever read and is far above what you get from most other books of the type.
Anyway, hope this helps.