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02-07-2001, 12:31 AM
I coach SanShou fighters in China and sit on a board of Directors that regulates standard of Chinese Martial Arts within mainland China.
This has came to my attention, during my trip to America for the International Kung Fu Strike Challenge, there are other circle of SanShou players in the States I has un-aware of.
At the Strike Challenge, my team won Team finals against competitive sportsman team of non-Pro San Shou fighter from New York.
I have regular talk with my training brother
Li Tai Liang school in NYC. Today I spoke with international sponsor representative translator Mr.Brian F. Zheng. They would like you to call Brian about setting up a match between your San Shou team and the Pro Beijing Team or the NY Team or a combination of both.
The fighter on the NY team "Novell Bell" or "the Blacktaoist", would like a match with Mr. Ross of the Lama Style against his Pa-gua skill.
Mr. Li Tai Liang is aslo willing to discuss a match with Mr. Ross. This needs to go through Brian F. Zheng due to Mr. Li Tai Liang inability to speak fluent English.
If a real match can be set-up I can fly into the USA from China for testing of USA SanShou players outside of my well established and well respected Associations
This set up through contacting Mr. Li Tai Liang through Brian F. Zheng at phone numbers

212.752.1650 fax

we hope to hear from an official representative of the Lama Fist Kung Fu School in NYC regarding this matter, the Chinese community in NYC and in China is looking forward to a response so that all may know the caliber of fighter being produced by various Sifu who is active in training.

02-07-2001, 04:41 AM
This is a pretty amusing post considering the fact that originally both myself and Sifu Shawn Liu, coach of the official US national san shou team, BOTH offered to Li Tai Liang to field a team of professional San Shou fighters to face the Chinese. On both occassions, Li Tai Liang showed NO INTEREST.

Please read this AGAIN. Shawn Liu speaks perfect Mandarin Chinese and knows Li Tai Liang. Shawn Liu even attended the December tournament. Shawn Liu offered to arrange for the OFFICIAL US national san shou team to fight the Chinese team but, and I quote from Shawn's letter to me, "Li Tai Liang did not return my calls".

So, in addition to my offereing to help field a team of San Shou fighters, someone who speaks perfect Mandarin Chinese also offered and instead Li Tai Liang used the fighters he did.

Now, sir, if you don't mind, who are you? Are you a member of the Chinese Wushu Association? I am known, in fact certified by, Xia Bahua of the Chinese Wushu Association. Shawn Liu is the official USA WKF national san shou team head coach and recognized by the IWUF. Yet you claim that you were simply unaware of the real san shou fighters?

In the United States, there are very well known and respected San Shou fighters. Cung Le has won three bronze medals in the world competition. You are un-aware of him? Al Loriaux was the first American to win a silver medal in the world competition. You are un-aware of him? You are unaware of all the San Shou competition that has taken place in this country for more than 5 years but yet which is all IWUF recognized? Are you an official of the IWUF?

Now, Li Tai Liang's school called me many times about fighting professional san shou matches but of course never wanted to pay the fighters. Are you now prepared to pay the fighters? YOur team is a professional team and yet you don't seem to want to respect our professionals?

What exactly do you mean by "testing of USA SanShou players"? The test is in the ring or on the lei tai. We can field a team, all you have to do is agree to pay them if you want a team to face professionals and fight in the professional style.

Or do you want to bring an amateur team and have them fight amatuers?

You have to decide because frankly our past experiences with Li Tai Liang have shown a great indecisiveness on his part. He wanted pro fighters but did not want to pay them. He was offered the official US team but instead chose his own course.

Right now, the US san shou community is very upset at Li Tai Liang and how he has conducted his affairs. If perhaps this is the fault of his students because Sifu Li does not speak English then let him deal directly with US national team coach Shawn Liu

this is Coach Liu's direct email. By this email address you can contact him directly and arrange an official match between the REAL best of US San Shou and your team.

Regarding Li Tai Liang's desire to fight me. His student, Novell Bell, issued a personal challenge to me in Li's name. As this was the method of the challenge, I have no interst in setting up a sport challenge. I am a coach, not an active fighter, and fight only when personally challenged and honor is involved. If Li Tai Liang is challenging my honor and the name of my system then we will meet in a non-sport match. That is Li's decision.

02-07-2001, 08:58 PM
This is a response I put on another thread.

First, you will forgive me, but refusing to reveal your identity does not make you seem very credible. Why not reveal it? As you say, San Shou is a sport. It is governed by a recorgnized organization, the IWUF. So again I ask you what organization you belong to and who you are? If it is a legitimate organization I will know it and I can ask who you are. As I have said, I have dealing with the IWUF and Chinese Wushu Association. I know Xia BaHua who was also a coach at the Beijing Physical Culture Institute. So clearly he would know you wouldn't he?

Second, you have yet to answer the basic question. If you want American fighters to fight professionals in the professional style are you willing to pay them? It is a simple question, just answer it. It is not reasonable in any sense to expect amateurs to fight professional fighters in the professional style.

Third, what is the composition of your team. San Shou has many weight classes and before fielding a team you need to know at what classes. Do you indeed want to put your team against the very best US fighters? For elite competition the US has the following high level San Shou fighters

60 kg

Albert Pople (Boston San Shou)

Chinu Ly (Cung Le's gym)

Ejovi Nuwere (NYKK)

PRO Billy Maysonett (Ortiz Chinese Boxing)

PRO Keith Youngs (AFC)

65 Kg

Elan Schwarz (NYKK)

PRO Al Loriaux (Boston San Shou)

70 Kg

Max Chen (Chen's Taiji)

Robert Shultz (Boston San Shou)

PRO Peter Kaljivic (independent)

75 kg

PRO Rudi Ott (Boston San Shou)

PRO Tom Battone (AFC)

80 kg

PRO Cung Le (San Jose)

PRO Orlando Rivera (NYC)

PRO Scott Sheeley

85 KG

Adam Resnick (NYKK)

PRO Yousef Taghizadeh (NYKK)

PRo Dan Garrett (Baltimore)

PRO Mike Altman (Texas)

90 kg

Marvin Perry (Boston San Shou)

Over 90 kg

Moti Horenstein (NYC)

If you want the very best US San Shou fighters to fight, whether pro or amatuer, these are the fighters that should be considered.

Of course, again, do you seek to put an amateur team against US amateurs in an amateur style competition? Or are you YET AGAIN asking for amatuers to fight your professionals?

A team can be fielded. Both Shawn Liu (who you can speak directly to as he is Chinese 334 343-6023) and myself offered Li Tai Liang assistance in putting together a team of the US best san shou fighters. However, yet again I remind you, Li Tai Liang showed no interest.

Finally, you have very selective vision. I have been teaching in New York City for over 12 years. I have a very well established tradition here. I am a national advisor to the USA WKF. I am certainly part of the US San Shou community. Yet you seem to have no problem with the so called Black Taoist throwing about silly insults and petty threats. You only have problem with me speaking back.

In the United States we have a saying;
You can dish it out but you can't take it.

You get so insulted at what I say but have no problem with your own insults.

<U>The conclusion is this;</U>

Personally, I have spoken to many students of Li Tai Liang. I spoke to Forest Chang. I spoke to Frank Wong. Li Tai Liang's Chinese student, with the family name Li came into my gym. I offered help. I offered fighters. I sent Li Tai Liang a short note written in Chinese with my fighter's list through the other Mr Li.

I even contact Novell Bell but he put me off, refused to send me rules, they sent me a fax with the wrong date. I am going to scan this and post it to PROVE that it was sent with the Dec 15 date.

Why should I assume that this offer is any truer? Especially from a man who does not want to say his name?

I simply suggest that if you are serious you contact Shawn Liu. Call him, speak to him directly in Chinese. He will set up a real event. If he does, I will have fighters in it. That will be the conclusion.

It is that simple