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doug maverick
02-09-2001, 09:58 PM
this i know is gonna get alot of post i want to discuss the late great masters book xing yi quan xue has anyone hear read it? what benefits did you gain from it? i've read it and other xing yi books and so for it has the most depth of xing yi i ever seen i don't have a xing yi teacher but i've read alot of xing yi books and i study ba gua zhang from my dad. and if you look at alot of the hand moves there simmelar i think that xing yi is based on ba gua or vis versa the both are based on the i ching. also do any of you read the i ching or the tao te ching?what style you think is bette

02-10-2001, 04:06 AM
What I got from the book was mostly inspiration to go practice.It has alot of writings about his personal life thats what I liked the most.As far as the fists I really didn't bother reading that part because if you read the first part of the book Sun would just tell everyone the secret of Hsing-I or any other style is topractice.

The I-ching, I don't study it now, maybe a little later when I have extra time in my life for that "extra stuff".

Which style is better?
I think it is up to individual to figure out which style suits him/her best, that is the only way you can define better. I happen to like all three, but I'm still young in this so I still have time tspecialize I'm leaning toward Tai Chi, no, Hsing I wait I really do like Ba Gua... Aw skip it just go practice one of em,.