View Full Version : Lungchuan weapons directly from China?

02-26-2001, 11:39 AM

I wonder if someone out there know how to
import Chinese Lungchuan weapons (jian,
dao, qiang, etc) directly from China. Is
there a website or an address to someone
I can contact? I was wondering about
importing Lungchuan Tai Chi Broadswords
(the type with a straighter and thinner
blade) to Sweden.

I found some American websites, but they
are all quite expensive. And it feels stupid
to import something that has already been
imported to somewhere else. I want to cut
down the price.


03-09-2001, 02:48 AM
yeah, they are all too expensive-especially concidering that they sell on the streets of Chinatown for 30 bucks-these spring steel swords are a dime a dozen, don't let the magazine ads fool you.