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03-11-2001, 01:33 PM
I was considering taking up Bagua or Wing Chun last week - spoke to my instructor about it and his attitude was one of 'if that's what you want to do'. He didn't criticise me (he has 20 years of Wadaryu behind him so it would be a bit rich) but his tone made me think on things a bit - after a long weekend I came to the following conclusions:

a)Taiji is a complete system
b)eventually :P
c)training another style is possibly going to corrupt what is so far a very solid foundation
d)*if* Taiji isn't giving me everything I need then I should leave it altogether and train something else
e)why am I training?

Why am I training took me a long time to answer - I train because I love the art, I don't train to be able to fight - I love sparring/pushing hands etc but I didn't start TJ for any reasons other than health after having my spine cracked in Muay Thai. Once I saw what an intelligent system TJ was I became hooked on it.

My reasoning for looking to other styles was that I wanted to progress even faster - yet at the same time I understand that technique comes with practice and time. Spreading myself thinner won't do anything but slow down my progress imho.

So I'm content at the moment that I can find the openings in pushing hands and sparring and that practice will bring the offensive tecbniques up to a similiar level.

Thanks for the input I received from some of you over the last few days

Metal Fist
03-12-2001, 05:16 PM
Taiji is a complete system, although there are those that might disagree. I have been in CMA's for almost ten years and I have been a Taiji player for almost 7 of those years. I know it's not as long as some others experience but, I have trained in Preying Mantis(Northern and Southern), Xing-I and Pigua chaun as well (working on some Baji later this year). It seems that all or most of what I have trained in has been a "complete"
system. The concept of "complete" is different to almost each different CMA's player, my taiji and
Xing-I seem complete to me, but it might not to somone else. I guess YOU as the individual MA's player has to define what is a complete system to you. Oncr you have done this then the particular MA that you are training in either is or isn't a "complete" system. I know this is a little vague but, so is the concept of a "complete" MA's system. I guess if what you are training in is very comprehensive inrelation to forms, combat techniques, weapons, Chin Na, kicks, etc. then it is a "complete" style. Hope this helps, it doesn't hurt to cross train, just remember to keep one of the MA's styles as the core of your
fighting arsenal, mine is Taiji with the Xing-I and Pigua in the supporting roll, works for me.
Good Luck in your training and I hope you find what you are looking for. :) :D :) :D :cool:

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