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Pork Chop
02-28-2006, 07:52 AM
Happy Birthday Gene

02-28-2006, 08:10 AM
happy birthday.

in all honesty i really wanted to pass the censor to say happy ****ing birthday, but its your birthday so i didnt. plus i dont want to get banned again.

did you get anything good? a monkey maybe?

02-28-2006, 08:26 AM
Happy Birthday, Gene! Many more to come!

02-28-2006, 09:10 AM
Yea, Gene. HBD and Thanks for keeping this place alive.

02-28-2006, 09:22 AM
To celebrate your B day, I will be reading the latest issue, which *ahem* I just got yesterday... :p

02-28-2006, 10:56 AM
I know subscription delivery is slow. There's been a few shifts in the way bulk mailings are done which makes it more costly for us, given our numbers. We do appreciate all our dedicated subscribers and are trying to find a solution.

Yesterday, the boss handed me two things. One was the complaint about that cussin' thread (http://ezine.kungfumagazine.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40523). The other was a subscription report. We've had our first dip in subscription sales ever. Our entire subscription history has been a slow and steady rise, so this is a disturbing development. So if you want to get me something for my b-day, please subscribe (http://www.martialartsmart.net/19341.html). It won't get to some of you before the newsstands but you'll be helping to support the forum.

I know, I know, it's kind of pathetic to turn b-day greetings into a sales pitch, but it's my birthday, so indulge me. :cool:

02-28-2006, 01:28 PM
I've already got my personal subscription but I was thinking about doing the wholesale subscriber thing...ouch, just looked...you have to do the year up front. I don't know if I could sell 10 copies every time...have to think about it.

02-28-2006, 01:39 PM
Hhmm, I didn't know that, but it doesn't surprise me. Defaulting on payments is par for the course in the martial arts school business, sad to say.

And I'll be honest, very few schools can sell 10 copies unless they have a large enough pro shop to attract outside business. But you need only sell 4-5 to get recoup your investment and you still get the advertising. I know many schools who look at it just as payment for the listing and todn't really sell the mags. They just give them out to their seniors/instructors as a perk. Anyways, I do appreciate the thought.

02-28-2006, 01:55 PM
yea, I logged in to TC and they have a page just for the wholesale subscription.

the perks are good enough.

I used to be the mag coordinator for a Waldenbooks...I was thinking it would be like ordering from Ingram or something where I could adjust my draw every issue.

anywho...I'll drink a Guiness tonight in your honor!

02-28-2007, 12:56 PM
I think this is the last one of my hbd threads. At least, this is the last from last year. I think I ttt'ed them all last year.