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03-27-2001, 08:50 PM
I've only just noticed that you wrote a post back in January on Hao style taijiquan. Can I ask you a few questions about your experiences with learning it? You can PM me if you like - I think my e-mail's on my profile.

03-28-2001, 07:05 PM
Hey Dingo:

I was in a phase where I was exploring different styles of taijiquan just to compare movement and some of the techniques. My main long-term interest is baguazhang.

Anyways, my only exposure to Hao was the style coming from the "northern" Wu/Hao lineage, which is taught in the United States by Jimmy Wong. He teaches a 24-movement "short" Hao form which I learned from one of his students, who was living a day's drive away at the time (she has since gone to Beijing to study Mandarin). There were actually several intricacies in what appeared on the outside to be a fairly straightforward and simple set of movements. As far as my understanding of, and ability to manifest, the internal strength requirements of Hao style . . . well, forget it. But the teacher could. Despite being a wisp of a woman, she was able to move me relatively easily although I'm about 240 lbs. She didn't send me flying or anything, because we didn't get into that level. But she could off-balance me and push me back a few steps with very little movement. I've never had the opportunity to cross hands with Jimmy Wong or to really get into the "3-1/2 step" push-hands of his Hao style.

But Mr. Wong is known as much for his tournament promotion as for his teaching of taiji. The pre-eminent representative of Hao style in the United States is Liu Jishun (www.wu-haotaichi.com), south of San Francisco in California. There in the UK you have a couple of his students teaching (http://users.breathe.mail.net/ugurosman). Liu was a student of Hao Shao-ru, who represented the "southern" branch of Wu/Hao style.

For a really interesting (at least to me) article by a student of Hao Shao-ru's, who was a taiji nut in China at a time when martial arts were in serious disfavor with the powers that be, see www.taichi.ca/LuoJiHong.htm. (http://www.taichi.ca/LuoJiHong.htm.)

Good luck.

03-29-2001, 12:05 AM
Funny you should mention Liu Jishun's students here in the UK; I have taken a private lesson from one of them, but I could not study under him because he lives in another part of the country to me, and I could not find a way to move down to where he was teaching. And the other one, who actually does teach in London (where I live), said his classes were full and that he was too busy running a full-time business to give private lessons! :( And I have read the story of Luo Ji-hong, and I agree, it's a very inspiring story. So do you reckon Liu Ji-shun is the "real deal", whatever that means? Also, have you seen Liu Ji-shun's form? If so, what would you say the main differences are between Jimmy Wong's northern and Liu's southern style?

03-30-2001, 02:11 AM
All I know about Liu Jishun is what I've seen on his website and what some other folks have said . . . that as far as Hao style goes, he's the man (at least, outside of China). The only concrete difference I'm aware of between Liu's and Wong's style is that in Wong's (the way I was taught, which was only the beginner form), the follow-step does not come as far forward (i.e., toe of the empty leg touches down by the heel or instep of the weight-bearing leg). I really don't know enough about Hao style or Liu Jishun to add anything more to that.

Good luck. Be patient; maybe the London guy will have an opening soon. You know all the old tales about hanging in there, demonstrating your interest and sincerity for the teacher before being accepted, etc. Then again, there are other good taiji styles . . .

03-30-2001, 09:27 AM
Sorry, I should have said before - when I found out I couldn't learn from the Hao style guy, I joined a school run by one of Eddie Wu Kwong Yu's disciples here in London, and at the moment I am about 3/4 of the way through learning the Hong Kong version of the Wu form. (I'd still jump at a chance to learn Hao style though... :)). Wish me luck!