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03-21-2001, 10:08 AM
What's the meaning of this?

"SoCal - seceding from the union in 2011"

Is it from the film? What film?

Wish for peace

03-21-2001, 06:11 PM
No, it's not really a film reference or anything. A lot of my "internet friends" give me grief about my place of residence (much of the country consider us a bunch of granola-chomping, surf-riding, liberal hippies), so I'm pretty quick to let them know the economic might of California is the only thing keeping their hayseed, bumpkin towns out of the "3rd World" catagory, and our movies and tv shows are the only glympse of modern culture they are privy to. It's all in fun really... :)

By the way, if anyone has a few surplus kilowatts laying around, we're open for donations ;)

Boulder Student
03-27-2001, 03:11 AM
;) California is so screwed up, pretty soon there will be more Californians outside of California than are in it. Ask anyone from Washington or Colorado. They've already Californicated a large portion of the West.

Have you ever sparred anyone with calf implants? If you kick 'em real hard, do they pop? :D California is just like Texas. All talk, but when the Alamo comes you get your ass kicked and started asking for handouts. Pathetic.

Speaking of Texans. If god would have wanted you to ski, he would have given you mountains.

Coming to you from forty square miles surrounded by reality. Over and out.

One must toughen up without losing one's tenderness.

03-27-2001, 08:50 AM
We Californians take a lot of heat, and we deserve the vast majority of it. :D

No, I've never burst someone's calf-implant, but I'm sure I wouldn't have to look far to try it. Most people in this neck-of-the-woods aren't entirely biodegradable. I myself have had a few enlargement proceedures done on my dan tien. :)

Yes, we are spreading North and East...mainly cuz we're busy selling our "dotcom" companies and buying up small cities in neighboring states. It's wierd...here I'm considered a poor bloke, a wage-slave. But in Colorado I'd have to deal with "Hey Rockerfeller!" and "Go home, Trump!" jeers from the crowds. (except in Aspen, where I'd have to wait tables for a week just to pay my cab fare out of town).

Seriously though, I'm envious of your post-Elway Colorado lifestyle. To be able to flip on a Nuggets game 3 days a week...that's a treat. And I hear the nightlife in Denver is something else!