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01-29-2001, 05:20 AM
I am looking for specific qigong or meditative techniques that can help my following problems:

1)No concentration: I sometimes have a lack of concentration and energy while trying to do homework. I feel the urge to close my eyes and take a nap (when it gets late). Normally at that point it would be best for me healthwise just to go to sleep but I need to finish my homework.

2)Cold: Also when it gets late (doing homework), I begin to feel a coldness-resembling sensation in some parts of my body such as my lower back and feet. How can I "warm" these up and make them feel normal? Maybe this problem is due to qi-stagnation. Maybe I need a circulation technique.

3)Tired: I feel tired on school nighs because I stay up late. Is there any meditation or qigong technique in which I can regain my mental natural freshness (aside from sleep). I heard that there are some meditations that one can do so that he needs little or no sleep and still feels fine.

I know that I could solve these problems if I'd stop procrastinating with my homework and get on a school/sleep schedule. But I do end up in these circumstances and I need the quick energy fix at that time. I hope the suggestions do not have any negative side effects. I do not plan to take any drugs (i.e. caffeine pills).

Thanks for any help.

Chris McKinley
01-29-2001, 08:45 AM
Hey o,

1) Your body's right. You need to sleep. Fatigue accompanied by nervous behavior is a sure sign of Yin deficiency (read: not enough sleep, in your case). Playing mother hen, it's just a bit irresponsible, nevermind inefficient, to put off your homework until your body is ready for sleep.

2) Your Kidney qi is deficient at these times because it is depleted from normal daily activity, yet when it should be recharging, you are still pushing it. Plus, I would guess you're probably not a role model for perfect sitting posture that late at night, which will result in poor circulation overall, including reduced mental capacity. I have an excellent circulation technique to recommend. Lie in a horizontal fashion. Quiet the mind and remain thus until unconscious. Repeat until morning.

3) Well, duh. Sorry, it had to be said :). There is no more powerful qigong for nourishing the Yin energy than sleep, period. While qi cultivation can, at advanced levels, result in a reduced need for sleep, there is never a point at which sleep is unnecessary. Your problem is so simple, it's screaming at you. Get some sleep.

You make several copouts at the end of your post. If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the piper. There is no pill, herb etc. that will "give" you energy. The concept isn't possible in either Western OR Eastern medicine. Lack of sleep is the obvious superficial problem. Lack of discipline is the root cause here. Cultivate maturity, not qi

01-30-2001, 01:26 AM
I have done the rationalizations time after time and the conclusion is always the same (I should get my homework done right away then I'll be able to go to sleep at a descent hour). Yet I continue to follow my bad habit. It is very difficult to act with self-discipline for myself. I find myself rationalizing one way and acting the other all the time. I think this has to do with me following my old habits. I need to be able to act spontaneously more. I need my "original spirit" and joriki strength. Maybe you know of something to help me in this area (Would zazen work well?).

Thanks for the info about the yin qi. This probably will help me in my decision-making concerning sleep time. I do have the book "Qigong Empowerment". Would the kidney exercises help? (or are those for more advanced students?). Is there introductory qigong training that paves the way for future training? (such as building a strong resoivour of qi in the dantian?... or maybe a muscle relaxation and qi improver?... I don't know).

Anyway, thanks again and I loved this quote: "Quiet the mind and remain thus until unconscious. Repeat until morning.

02-18-2001, 04:24 AM
O, really it is simple - you worry that you need to go to bed but your homework has to be done.

Why don't you do what everyone else in school does and lie to your teacher?!?!

Just say you forgot your book and get some fickin sleep!!!

02-20-2001, 01:19 AM

02-22-2001, 10:51 AM
There are certain qigongs that will decrease the need for sleep but then most of that time is replace by qigong.

As far as school I do the same stuff you do, everything at the last minute. But if I don't get everything done before 12, I usually forget about it and go to sleep. It will take you must less time to stuff on a clear head.