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10-17-2001, 04:28 AM
What do you guys think of B.K. Frantzis and Mantak Chia?I have heard that Mantak Chia is a phony and B.K. Frantzis has no skill in the Internal Martial Arts.The guy who said this said that he was told this about B.K. Frantzis by people in the Yang and Chen family. What do you guys think about this? This guy also sent me this email----Mr. Chia is an entreprenoir, not a qigong or gongfu master. He is a
businessman, once the president of a copier company. Years ago I
was the operations manager of a real estate company, and I
purchased a number of their copiers for several of our offices. One
of the sales reps was a martial artist. He explained how and where
Mr. Chia gained his "knowledge": He went to Hong Kong and
walked into the schools of various masters ( and several people who
were far from masters) and bought bits of informatiom. He didn't
do the training. Much of what he bought was what a master would
sell to someone who walked into a school and offered to buy
"secrets": unadulterated BS.
What do you guys think about this?

Repulsive Monkey
10-17-2001, 01:40 PM
Not sure, I'm sure that could apply to some people that kind of scenario, however i can't say if thats the case with Chia. I haven't seen too much info on his lineage though I must admit.

As for Frantzis, I think he has skill but nearly as much as is hyped. I thought the pringitng copies of (some of them!) dubious certificates of acknowledgment of Taiji proficiency in the back of his book was pitifull, no I recant, laughable. Why does he need so badly to prove his credentials to the world? As previously in the other thread, I hear his Bagua is his main talent. His Tai Chi is sketchy in that he has (tried!!!) to learn several styles from many teachers, some sucessfully others not.