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10-09-2000, 06:14 AM
Hey, I just thought I would post this to see if there were any lurking Long Fist Kungfu or Seven Star Kungfu practitioners lurking out there who might want to chat through email. Thanks.

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10-10-2000, 12:13 AM
My name is Eric Ishii
and I am a WHF lineage
Via Sifu Brendan Lai and
Si-Pak Peter Kwong
Praying Mantis practitioner
with over 20 yrs training
and an somewhat of a collector
of Northern Mantis material
such as books, magazines, &
videos (mainly home movie type).

I am somewhat familiar with most
of the other Northern Mantis Styles.

If you are requesting for direct
e-mail chat you can contact me
at EricSep@prodigy.net

If not, you can always use this
or the other forum for Northern
Mantis chat / subjects.


bamboo_ leaf
10-10-2000, 05:02 PM
I also play 7* under Sifu Brenden Lai, my e-mail is listed in my profile.

enjoy life

bamboo leaf