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07-19-2000, 07:55 PM
Peace and Serenity to my Brothers and Sisters in Praying mantis!

I am a student of Sifu Yen hoa Ly, disciple of Chiu Chuk-Kai from his days in Vietnam. I am in the process of researching an article for "Kung Fu-Quigong" magazine, and I am looking forother legitimate students of the late grandmaster who may be willing to share their input and expirience with Sigung. I ask that only those who can help me represent Tai Chi Praying Mantis or Tai Chi Ja'ang honorably and accurately respond. The article is a wonderful way for me to help the world learn about our obscure fighting styles, and at the same time pay tribute to the 7th patriarch of the style.
Feel free to contact me here or at:
Taiji Mantis @aol.com

My thanks in advance foryour much needed aid.

May peace be your guide, and serenity the light for your path. Buddha Smiles!


Taiji Mantis

07-19-2000, 09:38 PM
Greetings Sihing

I will pass this on to the president of the Federation, someone or myself will get in touch with you privately


07-19-2000, 10:42 PM
Hi Taijimantis,
I would like to take this opportunity to rally support for your article and hope that our TCPM Masters, brothers and sisters would contribute and share this wonderful art with the world. Your effort should be commanded.



Contraria Sunt Complementa

08-06-2000, 08:34 PM
I am posting this update here since it is about the SiGungs line.

The USA CCK TCPM Federation, we just finished our 9th annual memorial banquet in honor of SiGung. As in the past it was held in Oakland, CA. Schools in in attendance this year: Campbell, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Martinez, Lomita, Boston, Vancover, San Bernadino. This was our smallest turn out so far. This had to do with the last minute change of time for the banquet, due to outside factors. Inspite of the location time set back, the event was will attended, with about 200 plus people all enjoying the spirit of sharing with family.

some pictures will be post some on my website in about a week.

It is our hope that, more schools will attend next year as we have a big event planned for the 10th anniverary. Please mark this down for the future. we would like to see more of our TaiJi Mantis family turnout for this event. It is held pretty much the same time every year, 1st weekend in Aug. We would enjoy seeing more of our brothers from canada as well as Mich.

This week will begin the multi-school training seminar. a four hours a day, 5 day workout withsome of the elders.
Keep us in mind next year when planning your time holidays.