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08-12-2000, 09:30 AM
Hi, It seems I'm somewhat close to Grand
Master James Sun's school in Hacienda Heights
California. I would welcome any insights on
what I could expect from your system. Any
descriptions about training, the system,
etc outside of what I can read on the system
web page.

Thank you

08-13-2000, 08:52 AM
Well... Expect a lot of work ahead of you. Training goes at your own pace, so don't worry about passing out or so, but on the other hand don't expect it to be a walk in the park. To learn more about the system check out the website at http://www.8step.com , and if you have any further questions that weren't answered don't be afraid to ask. Without any specific questions I can't help but from being ambigious in my reply.

08-14-2000, 12:28 AM
Well, one thing I'm interested in is your
What percentage of a class is basics?
Can you give a discription of the basics
(both upper body and lower body)?

Some other questions:
What is the general class time length?
Does your Master teach freely (That is,
doesn't hold anything back). What this means
is if a student has the physical ability and
is of good character, will he, can he, face
limitations inside the system for any reason?

Is the entire system known (on paper) from
the start? That is, do you know the names of
the forms, exercises, etc and how many there
are from the start?

How many empty hand vs weapon forms are

How much time is spent in applying techniques
though one-step sparring or free fight

How much is taught about Chinese Medicine
in relation to your Kung Fu and Qi Gong?

Does your Master tailor specific programs to
each individual based on their size, age,

The last question is fees? Is the Master
available to private lessons (for those who
can handle it?)

These are some questions I consider important
before starting a school.

Thanks in advance for anyone's time in

08-14-2000, 07:57 AM
I'm guessing class time is an hour. The first half hour being physical fitness and the last given to form/technique etc.
What Percentage of the class is basics? If your a beginner, all of it. If your advanced your always doing basics because they are the foundation for higher technique.

Is the entire system known on paper?
Do you have a library to record it into? Im sure Master Sun has it all written down and video recorded, but for the most part people take notes of what they are learning. You don't usually get a sylabus.
Does Master Sun teach freeley? Yes, but you learn things in a certain order. If you want to put in lots of time and learn it in fewer years then there is the Sifu program. After your a Sifu your done learning until you open a school. After that your learning new stuff for the rest of your life.
In 8 Step empty hand forms and reg forms are the same. YOu just put a weapon in your hand, but the body movements are the same. Up to Sifu level you will learn 5. YOu learn those at the blue sash level. Sparring and applications take up almost about half your time in the Sifu program. For beginners sparring is brought in graduallythrough sticking hand drills. YOu learn Chinese medecine, and acupuncture After you have reached sifu level. Before that you learn meridian massage and basic anatomy. Students are taught differently based on their size. eg. Different hand positions are used for a small person to throw a large person and vice versa. I know Master Sun had a Midget Sifu Student that learned differently because of his height. I wouldnt even ask about private lessons he is very busy and you probably can't afford it. You would be a fool not to learn from a generation Grandmaster of a complete system that will teach you the whole thing if you stay with it long enough.

08-14-2000, 08:42 AM
What if a student wanted to continue to learn
but not open a school. Would he/she be able

Let me add to this. If a student didn't want
to go into the Sifu program would he/she
still be able to learn what you might if
they were in the Sifu program and opened a
school? Or is your education limited to
a certain level?

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08-15-2000, 12:17 AM
Lets get things straight here..
Classes generally are 1.5 hrous long and 2 hours if you want to stick around on tues/ thurs. On Monday/Wed Tai Chi one hour/ Kung Fu 1.5 hours together. Friday is open mat 1.5 hrs long. And on saturday there is a 1.5 hour kung fu class.
if you want to get straight real answers I you advise speakling to sifu Charles who is the general teaching sifu, @ 415-759-0523.
He's a real cool person and a great teacher. and speak to sifu Alan for prices. Grandmaster usually does not teach the general classes durring the week. He is very busy these days. But if you would like to speak with him call on the weekends. hes usually there teaching sifu class.
If anything you should at least come work out and give it a try because first 2 classes are free. And if you would like tell them Alex refered you.


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