View Full Version : Sealing the breathe Techinque

08-29-2000, 11:56 AM
Hi Again all here is some more things to ponder....

IS there more than meets the eye of sealing the breathe. For example is it just more than sealing of the coratid artery in the neck or causing a shock to the lymphatic system of the body. Is it just causing a shock to the lungs to cause them to violently contract and fail or disrupting the flow of blood to the diaphram...or striking the sternum and forcing the air out of the system or attacking the small slot between the clavicals..( the technical term for the space does not come to mind as of the moment)and cause a coughing action...


09-12-2000, 08:32 PM
Sounds like that might be an interesting topic, only I can't understand exactly what you mean by "sealing the breath"... perhaps you could repost more clearly.

It *seems* as though you're asking about the mechanics of point striking.