View Full Version : New Chiu Luen Sect Clases: in Manhattan, New York

10-02-2000, 10:15 PM
Chiu Luen has wanted us to do this for some time, and considering the political state, for lack of a better word, of the New York Northern Mantis community, here goes.

For those interested Stephen Hunter Laurette and myself will be teaching a new class in Manhattan on Sundays, until we can get a studio at better time in New York. Classes will be two hour, composed of Seven Star Mantis material, but also yoga and Philosophy, thats right philosophy. We are very concerned that the emotional and psychological development of learning a Sil-Lum based martial arts is sometimes forgotten in teaching our sect's version of the Seven Star Mantis.

Classes will start on October 15 and be in the East Village area. New people to the style are welcome and advanced northern mantis poeple may also find something of interest. All, students may advance at their own rate, as long as they participate in the general class activities, such as drills and meditation.

If interested please call 1 212 631-1099 and leave your number and a little something about yourself or e-mail us at the address below.

These classes maybe alternative for those that don't want to go to Brooklyn for Carl's class, although one will find Carl's class will focuses more on fighting than ours. As time progresses we will offer more classes of different days and other activities.


Northern Sil-lum Temple Seven Star Praying Mantis Association