View Full Version : Made a mcdojo kempo instructor squirm.

03-21-2001, 02:50 AM
Yesterday I happened upon a "karate" school and decided to check out what the competition is charging, quality etc.

It was Kempo mixed with Korean JJ and Kung FU.

So I asked what style of kung fu it was.
"Good question, she said," "Every type is a little bit different"

"Oh, and what style does yours fall under?"

"Well, it's more the circular ideas from kung fu, so we deflect rather than do hard blocking"
(she demonstrated using only her arms and used no waist movement)

"So, what type of Kenpo is it? American?...
Mcdojo instructor: "Huh"?
me: "Well was it from Ed Parker??? ...Mitose?"

Mcdojo: "Well it all came from "my tose" and filtered on down.

Me: I see.

The kicking was pathetic. The sad thing was that they were into contracts and charged quite a bit considering that it was crap. Worst part is that the guy who runs it has a chain of 5 schools in the area.

I took there literature. There payment plans gave me a headache. I couldn't understand the **** things let alone dream them up. They were like story problems from hell. Somehow in the fine print 3 months= a yearly membership, but couldn't be combined with the plans that had 2 ** by them.

At least they didn't have a JKD symbol to be hip with the times

03-21-2001, 02:57 AM
That is funny i must say.. ive came across schools that were trying to pass karate as kungfu...