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Laine Nakachi
07-25-2001, 10:07 AM
William K.S. Chow (1914-1987) Before studying under Grand Master Mitose,Master Chow had studied Boxing,Wrestling,Jujitsu and Karate.However,his main course of martial arts training was Chinese Shaolin
Ch'uan Fa under the guidance of his father (Hoon Chow).

Hoon Chow was a buddhist priest from Shanghai,China.Just prior to the Chinese Boxer Rebellion,Hoon Chow immigrated to Hawaii for a safer and more prosperous lifestyle.While living in Hawaii,Hoon Chow continued to practice the Shaolin Ch'uan Fa of Southeastern China(Kwangtung and Fukien).This is the Style he taught his son, William K.S. Chow.Master William Chow incorporated many of the things his father had taught him into what he woud be the first to call " Kenpo " (Fist Law) Karate.

William K.S. Chow,a short man (approx.
5'1"), was raised in an Hawaiian culture where size,strenght,and streetfighting ability were highly regarded.In order to survive on an island of giants,Master Chow
began to alter Shaolin Ch'uan Fa to make it faster,more powerful,and oriented around streetfighting situations. Master Chow began the transformation by shortening the circular motions and flowing movements of Shaolin Ch'uan Fa.He continued by incorporating the linear movements,joint locks and takedowns learned in boxing,karate,and jujutsu.Finally,he placed a major emphasis on the availability and targeting of vital points of the human anatomy.[Master Sam Kuoha,Interview].

In 1949,William Chow broke away from Mitose and began calling his art kenpo karate.But because William K.S. chow's Hawaiian Kenpo System was unusual for the time because it incorporated other martial arts techniques.It became Kara Ho Kenpo
(Universal Way).Mitose had never associated his Kosho-Ryu Kempo with any other system.One of the most famous students under Chow's tutelege was Ed Parker.

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