View Full Version : how to tell a good capoeria teacher

09-21-2001, 07:35 AM
i am very interested in capoeria i am still searching for a school in the philadelphia area
if anyone knows any i would like to know but i had stopped by the ymca and they were having classes
in it twice a week so after my kung fu class i went there to view a class thier were already about a half hour into it i saw them working on thier movements and then they got in a circle while two people started going at it not to hurt each other but more like a sparring fashion i didn't have a chance to talk to the instructor but
what should i ask him and what should he know to be certified to teach to others

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09-22-2001, 07:47 AM
Ironically youll need a lot of experience to tell good capoeira from bad, however there is some guidelines.
1Is there exercises for 2 people during class? if there isnt then MAYBE it is not a good teacher (dont jugde from one class).
does the playeres in the cirkle pay attention to each other? if they dont then something is wrong, (maybe not with the teacher).
does the school have a social network with other schools? many schools who does not have such are crap.
how is the music? how many people play the instruments? how many sing?
if the teacher is not brassilian, does he speak portuguese? and how about the students?
And watch out if the teacher spend too much time on acrobatics, it may be because of a lack of real capoeira skills.
Good luck, take everything i wrote with a grain of salt and heres my hotmail if i can help you with something burundas@hotmail.com