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10-25-2000, 04:43 PM
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a face cage/protector that is reasonably priced and of good quality. I practice Wing Chun and we're looking for something to use so we can practice our chain punching at full speed. Also, I've tried a bunch of gloves and have never found the perfect one. If anyone has any suggestions on gloves that would be great too. Thanx!

10-25-2000, 09:28 PM
You actually might want to consider hockey masks--the kind that has those thin bars in the front, not the full goalie mask. I'm being honest about this. There is sparring gear at http://www.centuryma.com that has headgear with face shields, but that is NOT strong enough to withstand a full force punch.

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10-25-2000, 10:20 PM
Yeah we've actually considered that kind of a mask. We even tried a football helmet but there wasn't enough neck support. Oh well. Thanx