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Wah Ren Jie
11-21-2000, 06:49 PM
I'm tight as a drum when it comes to flexibility. And very limited in the time I can spend stretching. What routines do you guys know of that can improve overall flexibilty when training time and space is limited? Thoughts. Peace.

Lin kuen bat lin gong, do lo yat cheung hung!

11-21-2000, 07:48 PM
I know this isn't what you want to hear, but the last thing you want to do is rush stretching. If you only have a few minutes to stretch out before class, however, I do have a couple tips.

I'm about as inflexible as a human can be without qualifying for handicapped parking, but I've managed to develop a quick routine that has thus far allowed me to perform effectively in the course of daily practice, and avoid injury.

In order to get a good stretch, the muscles have to be relaxed and warm. I first engage in a mild stretch - begining with waist rotation (don't force, just twist for a while). I then do some sidebends, shoulder rotations, hamstring stretches, etc.

After this initial *mild* stretch (usually about 5 min) I work to get the blood pumping and "get the kinks out". This is usually light form work, but just as well could be shadow boxing or even jumping jacks. Whatever gets your heart moving a bit.

Now warmed up, I progress into a series of deep stretches. These are geared towards promoting my flexability and increasing my range of motion in the long term (not just warming up for sparring or what-have-you).

That's my deal. If anyone has a background in sports-medicine, feel free to mock my methods openly /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Paul DiMarino
11-21-2000, 08:13 PM
PNF or (even better) STI stretching will improve your flexability by leaps and bounds. It is a form a strength training too, so you can only do three stretching sessions every 2 weeks to start. It also focuses on breaking down your neurological barriers to flexabilty and shutting off your stretch reflex rather than actually stretching your ligaments and other connective tissue which static stretching does. An excellent invenstment that you can't go wrong with is a book called "Beyond Stretching: Russian Flexability Breakthroughs" by a man named Pavel Tsatsouline.

danny from miami
11-21-2000, 10:54 PM
buy "Scientifically Stretching" by Tom Kurz

11-21-2000, 11:17 PM
eh, you are all wusses!
anyone can attain a split in one day.
yes, you will have difficulty walking for the next 2-3 weeks, but it really only takes about 2 seconds to get the flexibility to do a split. (give or take a second.)

this tried and true method is still used by the korean army today. - 2 guys hold your arms out to your sides, while you are standing on a slippery surface, and you go down into a split, as far as you can go, then 2 other guys kick out your legs at the same time. - and, voila! you are now 'flexible' - sure, your legs will turn blackish purple for a while, and yes, you may start sobbing like a little b*tch with a skinned knee, begging them not to do it. - but, it is the fastest method, and it'll do a lot to build a real viscious streak in you.

so, there you have it folks - any questions?


11-22-2000, 06:49 AM
I so do not want to fight the Korean's now.

"I got no dukes" -the goat

11-22-2000, 10:43 AM
Not to mention you'll have trouble pulling your legs together after tearing the connective tissue. I knew a guy who tore some part of his muscles and he said he couldn't pull his leg back down ('til it healed).

I'll suffer your orcish wit no longer!

11-23-2000, 05:45 AM
luckly, im very flexable..and by flexable i mean my lower body.
The usual way I do my stretches are that I have a chinup bar and I use it to stretch.

It only takes less then 10 minutes a day and in a couple of monthes, you'll be doing the splits.

Anyways, I get a peice of rop and make a loop on both sides. I throw the first loop over the bar and put my leg inside it.

Then I pull with my opposite hand of my leg in the other loop and my leg will rise. It is painful the first couple of times but its the best way for me to get flexable.

Hold it as high as you can side ways, SIDE WAYS, not up and down, and gradually, in a week or so, it will go higher.....and higher.....until you break open those muscles.

Try it, its awesome