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12-26-2000, 07:44 PM
I just got this bad ass for Christmas. (Yes I know its kinda lame).

Its called the Dyna-Flex Pro. Its a gadget that is based totally on centrifugal force and a manually-starting gyro.

What it is, is a clear plastic sphere. There is a small circle on one side of it that opens up the sphere. Inside the sphere is a small sphere with a trench that runs along the diameter of the circle with a little ditch. You stick a little string that comes with the pack into the ditch and roll the inner sphere until the string is fully wrapped around the ditch with a bit hanging out. You hold it upside down with your dominant hand and then pull the string really fast.

This starts the thing to spin, but you start the gyro by swiveling your wrist a few times very fast until you start hearing a hum.

This thing puts in 35 lbs of torque. If your forearm is not used to this much stress then you will start stressing like a dog within 30 seconds.

This is their site: <A HREF="http://www.dynaflex-intl.com" TARGET="_blank">www.dynaflex-intl.com</A>

Underaged Drunken Monkey

Paul DiMarino
12-26-2000, 08:54 PM
Looks like a cool little gadget. It'd be fun at parties.

12-27-2000, 12:16 AM
hey, this thing is actually pretty cool. my roomate in college got one and we'd both use it. heck, you can watch tv and with remote in one hand and this in the other...thats if you don't mind the hum. it gives a good burn in your forearms.

Its all fun and games til someone loses an
eye. Then its just fun.

12-27-2000, 04:59 AM
Looks pretty cool.

What happens if you drop it? Does it spin around the room destorying everything in sight?

12-27-2000, 01:17 PM
I've seen those things in shops, I hadnt a clue what the hell where for. Thank you for this post, I'll be able to sleep easily tonight.

12-27-2000, 05:46 PM
The ball works on a centrifugal force and cannot proceed without an opposing force working against it. Therefore if you drop it, the inner ball stops spining in both directions and only one. It does make a HUGE racket when it is set by itself, seeing as the ball is going through over 1000 rpms a minute i think.

Underaged Drunken Monkey

12-28-2000, 01:08 AM
This is the newest incarmation of the Dynabee. Been around for decades. Frankly, it gets boring fairly quickly but its a laugh for awhile. I wouldn't get too excited about brands. As always, the marketing is what drives the price and not what the thing actual is/does.

Hey Drunken....you own shares in this company or what?

Cheers, R :D

12-28-2000, 07:57 PM
That little gyro ball thing is pretty cool, but I prefer a more comprehensive exercise for working my forearms. I am sure many of you are familiar with bag catch exercises...I like to get into a nice low mabu and hold a 12 pound patio brick out in front of me by my fingertips. Then I just let go and chamber that hand and grab the brick out of the air with the fingertips of my other hand. I repeat the grab about 150 times, but I'm slowly working my way up to 500 :). This way I'm furiously working my finger strength (good for tiger/eagle claw), my forearms, and my legs. If I'm feeling extra masochistic that day instead of simply chambering the retracting hand, I'll slap my stomach.

I started doing this exercise because I couldn't do many fingertip pushups during our warmups and the other guys in class started giving me a hard time. 6 months later I can outdo all of them. Ahhh, life's little victories...


12-29-2000, 06:31 AM
You should check out ironmind.com if you want a good strong gripper to train crushing grip. They have a gripper that only one person in the whole world has closen.

Its like 380 lbs of force you need with one hand to close it.

12-31-2000, 10:07 PM

<A HREF="http://alladvantage.com?BIE=149" TARGET="_blank">http://alladvantage.com?BIE=149</A>

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