View Full Version : Is plucking nails practiced anymore?

01-08-2001, 05:32 PM
I understand that is was a common practice in ancient china for kung fu practitioners to practice plucking out nails with their fingers. Once this got to be too easy for you, you would dump water on the nails to make them rust and be harder to pull out. Does anybody practice this anymore? If so, would you recommend doing it? Is dit da jow necessary for this training? Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

A Simple Artist
01-08-2001, 05:46 PM
I have read about that practice in a few books, but never have seen it actually performed first hand. From what I have read you take you take your index finger and thumb and put them together and try to bend the nail up or down and or try to pull it out of the board. I have tried it before without the supervision of my instructor. I would not suggest doing it, it hurts the fingers like crazy and the nail heads are rather sharp. Instead do five or two finger pushup!
:eek: :eek: :eek:

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01-08-2001, 07:06 PM
Sounds like a good exercise. You could pinch your opponent to death =)

01-08-2001, 07:41 PM
And think of all the hours those Kung Fu people could have instead spent actually practicing their straight punch, kicking, grappling, or even actual fighting by sparring full contact!

01-08-2001, 10:56 PM
I have heard a crazy story about chinese dentists who were able to pull out the teeth with the bare hands...
Acording to this story they practiced by pulling out nails.
Well its a good story anyways...
I once practiced with a guy who allso practised climbing, he could "pinch out" jiujitsu blackbelts with ease, sad thing he dident learn eagleclaw.

Mr. Nemo
01-09-2001, 02:57 AM
The climber I once met also had very strong hands.

But the guys with the strongest hands I've ever met were drummers, especially latin percussionists. Just shake their hand and you'll know - I shook the hand of a conga player who toured with Poncho Sanchez and I thought I was gonna die.

01-09-2001, 05:36 AM
Kali master Florio Villabrille demoed this skill frequently. He was also able to peel coconuts with his bare hands.

01-09-2001, 05:46 AM
Can YOU do it? Huh huh? canya huh?

01-14-2001, 07:20 AM
I worked in a bakery, and the baker had the strongest grip I ever felt! All he does is knead dough with his hands -all day long.