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05-09-2001, 04:17 PM
I live out in the country and dont have anyplace close to weight lift.all I have is a bench and a bar and 2 15 pound weights...if there anythign i can do to help build muscles? I live out in the boonies,near woods and stuff..



Ford Prefect
05-09-2001, 06:09 PM

Give them a try.

08-10-2001, 06:37 PM
i know this might be a bit late, but i have just seen your question for the first time. anyways, the link above is really great, i never train with weights, i do pull-ups, push-ups, bench dips, leg raises, dynamic tension, etc. Bodyweight training can in fact be even better than weight training, as you can acheive the same results without putting too much stress on your spine, etc as you would in weight lifting. There are also some great books on the web which emphasize this type of training, just go to amazon.com or bol.com, or any other book store, you'll find lots of books.

unclaimed effort
08-12-2001, 04:21 AM
You don't need equipment to exercise. You can do 2 hand pushups, 1 hand pushups, triangle pushups, on your fist pushups, situps, crunches, oblique crunches, squats, jumping squats, stretches (which are very important), and running outside.

I can build muscle, and save a lot of money on equipment...hehe

08-12-2001, 04:37 AM
To start out, 15lbs is workable. This will stress your muscles and help tone. If you can, double up on the weights by holding them in one hand when working on biceps, lateral shoulder raises and bent-over rows/pulls.

Do chin-ups but to the back of your head instead of to the chin. This will work your midback more. You can build a great back by this exercise. Even if you were to get weights of up to 25lbs, you could sculpt a fine physique.

Use your imagination and,

Train hard, and smart.


08-12-2001, 09:19 AM
Chinup clarification:

There are two ways to do chinups, palms facing you and palms away from you.

Palms facing you: Keep your hands shoulder width apart. Bar goes in front of your chin at the top. Primarily biceps.

Palms facing away from you: Keep your hands wider than shoulder width, as wide as comfortable. Bar goes behind neck at the top, if comfortable, otherwise the front is fine. Primarily lats, biceps secondary.