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03-22-2001, 02:11 AM
I have been training to develop what is commonly referred to as "Iron Hand." I started by purchasing a bag of fine grain sand, put it in a plastic bucket and would hit it a few times a day(somewhere around 200-300 times). I would also do hand thrusts, these were quite difficult since the sand was packed pretty hard, I also did a few leopard paw and knife hand and palm strikes. I would end by hitting once more with each fist and grind my hand into the sand. I noticed, however that my wrist would bend and it was difficult to hit the sand in a bucket(very awkward). Also, my hands got rough and grody causing my girlfriend to complain, resulting in my stopping of the training. I now hit an oak plank a few times a day but that is annoying(quite painful). If anyone would please give me some advice as to how to better my iron hand training(without messing up my skin, not that that's too big a deal) and keep my wrist straight, I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone has any idea as to how I can increase m balance I would like to hear them. Thanks! :)

Martial Joe
03-22-2001, 05:53 AM
Well I dont know much about this but this is an idea..isnt iron hand to make the bones dencer in you hands/wrist.Wich would make them stronger.Well maybe you could use skin lotion to take away the ruffness of your skin wile haveing what your realy want(the stronger bones)...Does the skin matter so much?im sure you want it stronger but i dont know anything about this but maybe you would take my idea and know if it would help or not...

Joe :cool:

03-22-2001, 06:10 AM
Use bandages and bind up your knuckles - boxer style.

Hope this helps. :)

03-22-2001, 08:08 AM
Real Iron palm/hand training, is done through gradual progression.

If youre wrist is bending at impact, youre hitting it too hard right now. You are not supposed to smash your hand into every hard object you can find. (not that youre doing that.)
Try taking it a little easier and letting things progress on their own. This will reduce the damage to the external parts of your hand while achieving what you wish. Always apply dit da jiao to your hands as well to promote healing.

"From one thing know ten thousand things" - Miyomato Musashi, Book of five rings

03-22-2001, 12:30 PM
Rather than thrust your hands into a bucket of sand & do more damage than good, why don't you get an iron palm bag and usew that along with some dit da(medicine).

Are you training this under the guidance of a qualified sifu, because this kind of training should be gradual.

If not done right you could cause some real damage to the hands. :)

03-23-2001, 10:20 PM
Thanks for the advice. I currently do not train under a sifu, I get help from people who train and books mostly. I started with sand because I thought that was where I should start. By the way, what's an iron palm bag and where can I get one?

03-23-2001, 10:37 PM
it's a bag with the sand on the inside. I haven't used it, but am considering buying one. Check out www.wle.com (http://www.wle.com) They have a video to go with it, as well as the dit da jow.

03-23-2001, 10:56 PM
Firstly, when you purchase the heshian(sp?) bag from a martial arts store, fill it up with rice not sand.

Start iron palm training, then as you gradually strenghten the hands go onto chick peas and so on.

Don't use sand at all, my sifu once said there were problems with using sand.

Always be sure to be using Dit Da.

Iron Palm should always be trained in a meditative state. You breathe in when raising your hand and breathe out when hitting the bag. Your hands should always be relaxed.

We also have meditations we practice after doing iron palm.

Always try to learn from a sifu because this is not something to do from books.

If you would like more information, feel free to email me.