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05-07-2001, 01:36 AM
A kyokushinkai guy recently told me that, instead of using a traditional makiwara, he uses a phone book wrapped in duct tape attached to a standing pole. Everyday, he starts off lightly tapping his feet against the phone book, 50 times each foot. He then lightly taps the phone book with his knuckles, ridgehand, palms, and back of the hand, 50 times each, everyday. Wouldyou recommend doing this? I have also heard of people having a partner hold a phone book while another person kicks and punches the phone book. Do any of you do any other training drills with a phone book? Thank you for any advice that you could give me concerning this topic

fiercest tiger
05-07-2001, 03:25 AM
we use the phone book in iron palm training as well as phoenix eye strikes.

tear the front page(hard cover) off the book and tape it or make a frame around and bolt it to the wall and punch it, as you get better the phone book absorbs the blow so you dont ruine your knuckle. in time you go through the pages until nothing is left and start again. you can also have phone books in a certain position on the wall for different techniques. also as the pages get lesser it gets harder so the conditioning gets gradually.

hope that helps mate :D

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