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04-09-2001, 12:37 AM
Well i posted this on the KFO Forum (normal) one too. But ppl dont seem to be responding so i'll post here too (since this is actually the right place but noone seems to be here :)

"After the tournement i went to i have decided to make a few goals for the summer i can work at. Nr.1 i want to be more limber, and have better control over my feet. I'm talking shaolin monk limber. And not just limber i want to be able to use the feet pretty **** high without having to snap, knwo what i mean? F.x. i could move it really slowly to a 70 degree angle. I can easily snap heads and such, but after doing it in a tournement i feel to use it well i need more control and limberness, so i want to know is it enough to stretch and become limber? Or do i have to do some specific excersizes to be able to control my feet as well?

Nr.2 I was in the beginners division and the guys i was fighting werent kicking very hard, and yet after the tournement i had some bruises on my hands (didnt notice it in the fight because of adrenalin i guess). But i'd like to train my hands to be stronger, and my shin/instep too because a lot of the time i was afraid of packing all my power into the kick because it could have hit his elbows. Ok this is all fine, i know how to condition with numerous ways such as the chopstick one and such. However i have a real problem with beating myself, i never go the extra mile, when i feel just a little pain i stop. However i find it easier to actually strike something, f.x. a heavy bag or such. So is there any device that could be mounted and demounted easily, or perhaps used outside that would be ideal for this kind of conditioning?

Btw the main reason i need this info is because i'll be working in the summer time and a lot of the time i wont be able to make it to practice. So i wanna go to the gym the days i can and work on these things. Or better yet be able to do them at home (at least the conditioning).
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Any comments welcome."

Free thinkers are dangerous.

04-09-2001, 04:05 AM
Leg flexibility/power - I'm no expert on this, but I think it is a combination of good warmups, plenty of stretching, and diet. Maybe someone else can comment on this as well.

Arm conditioning is best done with a partner because 1) I think it is better for you to condition against a partner rather than using a piece of wood or something and 2) They will motivate you to push yourself a bit harder in your conditioning.

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