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Laine Nakachi
05-11-2001, 09:15 AM
The walking horse is one of the most valuable and important training tool , in the Sil Lum Fut Ga Style of kung fu .

It benefits you with being movable ,conditions your legs , allows you to absorb your attackers punch as you block or deflect it away from you .

The power generates from your foot and from there .It circulates through out your entire body .

I personally practice the walking horse stance myself .And I can feel my legs getting conditioned , and I'm able to move from one move to another move.And at one time , my friend had accidently bumped into me .And he told me funny , you hardly moved .Bear in mind,that the walking horse, will take time and patience for it to work for you.

For further instructions get the Sil Lum Fut Ga ( Instructional Video ) volume 4 ,
devastating kicks.

Take Care
Sil Lum Kuen