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Sil Lum Palm
06-26-2001, 04:18 AM
I was in a car wreck anout 4 years ago and I recieved some light damage to my neck. As a result it is sometimes very stiff and I get pains in the left side. When I do the neck rolls to loosen my neck I get an uncomfortable pop that can sometimes be heard by my classmates. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a way to exercise my neck to make it a bit stronger without hurting it. I work it lightly sometimes with a ten pound weight but it doesnt seem to be enough. I am afraid that if I do more weight then I will injure myself.

06-26-2001, 10:24 AM
Although my neck problem isn't accident related, I have had a very stiff painful neck for about two years. At first i thought it would just work itself out by doing exercies such as rotations. It never did.

Finally my Physician sent me for x-rays and the whole nine. Nothing came back that was casusing the pain.

They sent me to a Physical Therapist and he has given me several exercises that have helped stretch strengthened my neck, upperback and shoulder areas.

If yours is accident related, you should really talk to your doctor to be sure that some strain wasn't put on your C-2, C-3 etc. By pushing to hard you could really aggrevate or worsen the problem.

I have photocopies of a few exercises (mostly on the proper way to stretch) that can be done at home with very few props (a theraband and xertube, both for resistance). I can look for these in the morning and email them to you if you would like to try them.

They have me doing boxer type neck exercises also.
Lye flat on your back on a table or bed with your head more less hanging naturaly down relaxed. Lift your head gently like you are try t touch your chin to your chest. Almost like a sit up for the neck. Try 10 at first. Then Lye on your side same way. Lift your head like you are try to touch your ear to your shoulder. Front and other side should be done equal. If you experience any pain stop. You should know if you feel that you have gently worked your muscle. Once you have done that for maybe 15-25 reps for a few days try adding a "little" weight, resistance or overpressure, gradually. Warm up your neck gently with circles first.

If you can find a good P.T. in your area and can afford it, they can be a big help. Not only in supervising and monitoring you progress, but they have done manual traction, ultrasound and heated electro-therapy which has really made a differance.

Hope this helps and good luck,


Sil Lum Palm
06-26-2001, 07:11 PM
thanks alot, it would really help if you could E-Mail those to me. I have seen a doctor and they said my neck was fine , but it still pops a little. My doctor said it may be from weakened joints where I didn't use it for so long.

06-26-2001, 08:26 PM
Or, if you want to get hardcore, you could go do a headstand against a wall, except once you're balanced lift up your hands and place them at your sides so you're supporting your entire body weight with your head/neck. Start at 10-30 seconds a day and try to build up to a few minutes. Absolutely do NOT go to failure with this exercise.

WARNING: Do not do this if:

1. Pressure will further damage your neck
2. You are overweight
3. You don't have padding under your head (ie. don't do it on a cement floor)
4. It hurts too much

I'm not saying I recommend this, I'm just saying that it is one possible way for some combined neck/head training. It is the first exercise in traditional iron head conditioning, as far as I know.

Good luck.


06-26-2001, 08:44 PM
I tried emailing you but they were all sent back with an address failure.

Email me and I'll reply with the attatchments.

06-27-2001, 12:57 AM
Try bridging. Ever since I started, I haven't had a stiff neck since. Of course, if it's painful (the bad pain, not the good pain) then you should do it very carefully.

07-04-2001, 06:58 PM
sil lum pam - Wow, you're just the man I need to talk to! I was just in a wreck and received some whiplash. My question is, I've heard that problems may not surface for 2-3 months afterward. Did you notice problems right away - or not until later on? Also, do u suggest geting checked out immediately by a chiropractor, PT, acupuncturist, who? What ahould a person in my position do to best handle the situation? Any symptoms I should look for on my own?

Sil Lum Palm
07-04-2001, 09:00 PM
Origenex: You should get checked out immediatley, but you should also have a few checkups in the following 6 months to a year. Most of my pain began after the first year. The problem was this, when I hurt my neck I hurt it badly enough that I couldn't use it much and it was in a brace. By doing this my neck muscles weakened causing the muscles in my neck to hurt even more due to the strain of holding my head up. I have aggrivated the condition a few times since then as well. If your neck is sowllen or stiff you should get looked at NOW! Do not wait!. You can seriously hurt yourself by waiting. I really don't know which doctors are the best, basically because I am biased on the TCM side due to the lack of care and the "allways in a hurry" attitude you recieve from western doctors, but in this case I guess it would be best to see a western doctor, mostly because of the imaging machines they use.

07-05-2001, 01:48 PM
Sil Lum Palm, I have read a book by Harry Wong on Dynamic Strength. In which is outlines some exercise to strengthen your neck. It's well worth a look.

Sil Lum Palm
07-05-2001, 03:23 PM
Thanks for everyone's input.

07-28-2001, 04:13 AM
Do some headstands on a mat/pillow/soft surface