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11-27-2001, 04:14 AM
someone please post some other the the
3 centered one posted eariler by Nexus I already saved that one. thanks.
Nexus you know anymore.

You never know what you dont know.

Know that.

11-28-2001, 07:32 PM
Sure no problem. 3-centered meditation is the meditation also known as Tree of Life meditation. It is not in the range/field of what is coined the term "Advanced Meditation" although the values and gains from doing so could be consider advanced albeit not so complicated. It is the foundation of almost all other meditation qualities available in the Taoist practices of meditation. Let me explain further.

There is another meditation called 5-element meditation. This is a Taoist meditation as well where one incorporates the 5-elements, much like they are drawn out on the chinese diagram, and with an understanding of how each element associates with the organs in the human body ie. fire, red, heart etc.

During this meditation, one envisions the 5-elements on the diagram, going around the diagram and using the mind intention to associate each elements healing energy with the organs in the body via energy and so forth. This meditation is a seperate meditation from 3-Centered meditation.

What is the importance of learning 3-centered meditation first? 3-centered meditation is not a meditation which you by all means absolutely must learn first. Many other practitioners and teachers will offer many other approaches to meditation and its qualities. In many cases you can reach the same results all the same. In Taoism, it is important to develop ones roots before one branches out in all directions, otherwise they will be off balance and not coinciding with the natural way.

3-centered meditation allows us to develop our rooted energy into the earth through the lower dantien, breathing energy up from the earth to this lower energy center which is located between the navel and the perenium ie. the exit point between the gentials and the rear hole. I have described this meditation before in another thread.

This is the meditation that is considered the opening and closing to all other meditations. What I mean by this is when you delve into advanced meditations, you will do 3-centered meditation before and after that meditation. It is the opening and closing of even the most advanced forms of meditations. That is why is it not a bad idea to get practicing early and comfortable with it as you will build a good foundation with this 3-centered meditation for your future practices in the more advanced types.

Of course one could explain these more advanced meditations but without the proper foundation built, the concepts would seem foreign and likely esoteric. This could cause not only confusion but also resistance to approaching these more advanced meditation styles in the future as a lack of foundation has been set for even the basics.

The meditative mind is at ease.

- Nexus

12-06-2001, 07:48 PM

Where/when did you post the details/instructions on 3 center meditation (what thread?) thanks-