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12-21-2001, 07:02 AM
A friend of mine, who happens to be in my sparring club, wants to find out more about this martial art / fighting form -- and learn it, for all the "fighting" that he knows is wrestling and what he's found out from movies and such -- but I can't find anything on it for him, and neither can he.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to finding some things on it on the Net?
He would really apprciate ( sorry about spelling that wrong ) it, as would I.

12-21-2001, 08:24 AM
Muay thai is a very popular and dangerous martial art/ring sport.

You can do a search on google to find video clips, gyms, etc.

Muay thai is distinguishable by the brutal nature of the attacks. Most round kicks are performed by striking with the shinbone, as opposed to the top of the foot. The shins are also used by lifting the knee to block incoming kicks, bone to bone. The trademark technique of muay thai is the low round rick.

The hands are held in a high position, and the body is conditioned to take hard blows. Elbow work, clinching (neck wrestling), and knee work are all used.

Thai fighters in thai land begin training as young as 8. They have short careers due to the beatings they take, and fight once a month. Although shin conditioning is vital, they pad their shins very well in practice to a void injuries. Shin conditioning is best on on the heavy bag and thai pads.

Thai boxers are incredibly strong, and they often retire, move to the United States, and then fight again. They can do this because the calibur of fighter is so high in thai land and an over the hill thai fighter is usually superior to a young US fighter at the top of his game.

Thai boxing also has unique rituals that fighters go through prior to a match.

IMO, serious fighters should all give it a look.