View Full Version : Li Jinheng and Rope Dart video

12-21-2001, 08:13 PM
Gene--You recommended that I ask Master Li about his rope dart video. I talked to him today and he had no rights to that video. It was controlled by his former government. However, he has received a lot of requests concerning a rope dart video and said he will probably begin production on one soon. Perhaps TC would be interested in working with him? Just a thought. www.masterli.com (http://www.masterli.com) www.worldmas.com (http://www.worldmas.com)

12-26-2001, 11:34 AM
I understnd about the rights and that's not surprising. Still, I am surprized that he doesn't sell them himself; he could certainly buy them at wholesale. That's how most vidoe production companies work in fact - the performer buys his own video back at wholesale after royalties. It all depends how much they invest in production.
We did some article stuff with him a long time ago. If he is interested, he knows, just like everyone else, where to find us.