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10-07-2000, 12:53 AM
This letter was mailed to Inside KungFu in 1983 by Lum Sang. And can be
verified by contacting Inside Kungfu. It was never published.

Chee Kung Tong
The Chinese Freemasons Lodge
** M*** Street
New York, New York 10013
February 24, 1983

Mr. Curtis F. Wong, Editor
Inside Kung-Fu Magazine
7011 sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028-7597

Dear Mr. Wong;
By way of introduction, my name is Lum Wing Fay. I am the present
Successor and Grandmaster of the Kwong Sai Jook Lum Monastery Praying
Mantis Kung-Fu System. This fact is recognized and accepted by all the
practitioners of the system of Kung-Fu worldwide.

I have been informed by my students and friends of an article in the
December 1982 issue of Inside Kung-Fu Magazine (I do not read English)
of my former student Gin Foon Mark. In this article Mark declared that
I have retired and have left him the title of Successor to my Kung-Fu
System. This is totally INCORRECT. As you can plainly see, and you may
verify this fact by sending a reporter to the above address, I am very
much active in the Kung-Fu world and am presently teaching my Art at the
above Association. The article stated that I am presently residing in
Taiwan which is also incorrect. Please let me explain how the
Successorship is passed on in my Kung-Fu System.

I, AT PRESENT, have five (5) students whom I have given permission to
teach my Art. Mark is one of them. The rule concerning Successorship
is that if any one of the five wishes to take over this System, he has
to come to New York City and "cross hands" with me. If he can beat me,
then I will declare him "Successor" and the rest of the four students
will submit to the fact that this is so. Also, I will notify the
Chinese newspapers so that the Chinese community will be aware of the
fact. Mark has NEVER done this and should NEVER have made the statement
that he is Successor to my System. This is totally UNACCEPTABLE to me
as well as his fellow brother students.

I respectfully request that you print this letter in your "Letters To
The Editor" column so that the Martial Arts world will Not mistakenly
accept the fact that Mark is my Successor. I gave him permission to
teach my Art ONLY because he wanted to make a decent living. Mark had
studied with me for ONLY seven years and NOT the thirteen years as he
stated in the article.

I hereby caution Gin Foon Mark to refrain from making any statements in
the name of, or referring to my Kung-Fu System. He is also to refrain
from making any criticisms of other Styles of Kung-Fu or Karate or any
other Martial Arts. His proficiency in the Martial Arts does NOT give
him the right to judge others by his own standards. It is my fondest
hope that in the future he will teach my Art for its value and NOT for
his own personal recognition and financial gains. If he continues to
make these erroneous statements concerning himself and my Art, then I
will have no alternative but to take Legal Action against him.

I have chosen not to use the Chinese Freemasons' letterhead because
this incident does not directly concern the Chinese Freemasons.
Nevertheless, all of the Chinese Freemasons here are supportive of my
actions dealing with the DISRESPECT, which Gin Foon Mark has accorded
me. This type of disrespect will foster the same conditions between him
and his own students some day. Therefore, he should take inventory of
himself and tighten the reins on his students so that they will be a
credit to the Kung-Fu World.

If you have any questions concerning this letter or whish to contact
me, please feel free to either write or call me at the above address.
The telephone number is (***) ***-***. (a phone number was there) I
thank you for your kind attention and commend you and your staff for a
wounderful job of furthering the cause of Chinese Kung-Fu.

Sincerely yours,
LWF: wjc Lum Wing Fay
Kwong Sai Jook Lum Praying Mantis Kung-Fu System

P.S. Please do not publish my telephone number. Thank You

10-08-2000, 06:24 AM
Lum Sang is not responsible for writing the letter listed above.

The letter was actually written by a student of Master Mark Foon's named William Chung.

The whole matter was settled years ago. Lum Sang denied having anything to do with the above nonsense.

William Chung had his chance and blew it.

Frank G: grow up.

10-08-2000, 06:18 PM
I was abit taken aback by this at first, but i wanted someone else to respond. I have great respect for Master Mark and am glad to see the bs trampled underfoot.

10-23-2000, 06:09 PM
Anyone who has personally met William Chung (aka Cheung Zhou Ding) is undoubtedly aware that he suffers from paranoid delusions and goes so far as to call himself the grandmaster of the Hung system of kung-fu, in spite of the fact that he is not recognized as a grandmaster by anyone. The person he claims gave him the Hung system is none other than Gin Foon Mark (self-proclaimed grandmaster of the Praying Mantis System). Apologies are in order for Lum Sang. It is a travesty that the good name of Lum Sang be subjected to the claims of these two braggerts