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10-07-2000, 04:48 PM
I am not of this line. I do not know Lacy or Wai personally, but I have seen Lacy break and it is impressive. What is the story here between these
two and what has Lacy done to deserve so much animosity?

10-07-2000, 11:14 PM
It may be hard for some to believe, but Jim Lacy is a complete fraud. His ridiculous posturing, fabricating and manipulating in the occult world of Chinese martial arts has given him a face where he had none before.

This latest con will hopefully land him in prison for the third time. It will become apparent that he is defrauding the government SSI and is not really clinically insane. He is in fact very shrewd(or at least desperate) criminal mind but aside from a 1yr kempo BB(he may say 8th dan or something but it's self awarded) and some parasitic interaction, Jim Lacy has nothing to do with GM Doo Wai. According to Doo Wai, Lacy was never a student and in retrospect totally set him up for a con. Since then, there has been multiple threats of all kinds on the Grandmaster's life and freedom in the name of the supremecy of the white race coming from Lacy's mouth, so I am inclined to believe the GM's story. His fabricated "credentials" and certificates and everything is totally contrived. He basically does nothing but fabricate his artificial world. Sadly, he is using someone elses skills and family art as a basis and scapegoat for the scam.

The main thing that everyone seems to overlook: Jim Lacy knows nothing about Bak Fu Pai or White Tiger System of Chinese Gung Fu. He watches his bootlegs and dreams up stories. It basically doesn't even resemble the movements on his bootleg demos of GM Doo Wai. But sadly for him and his people, BFP is a SYSTEM and not just a bunch of stolen forms. Lacy even admits that he watches the stolen tapes once and records it on paper in Kempo terminology, then later he makes his videos from his notes and says he forgets it and moves on to the next surprise booty. This is not kung fu, but apparently there are lots of people that do not know this.

Whatever your stand on the bootlegs issue, you must know that demos are just that and just because someone talks alot about himself and drops names at every turn doesn't mean a thing.

10-08-2000, 04:26 PM
Fubokuen, You seem to have some insight to this
issue. I appears however that Lacy maintains a friendship with one or two recognizes students
of Master Wai. They seem to say he was a former
student as well. Any ideas?

10-08-2000, 07:13 PM
If Lacy drops a name, you must contact the people personally. Everything on Lacy's site is a half truth.

There are a couple of disenfrachised unsavory types seeking to align against the Grandmaster. They are all white supremacist scoundrels. They and Lacy have made their racist posture more than clear.

I will not repeat their words in public since they are hardcore racists, but if you care to email me go ahead.

These types absolutely SWARMED the GM when he first came over. He didn't realize the whole time these guys were kissing up, they were hating him and looking to the day when they could get rid of him and take over. Being 100% unqualified, they have both claimed they will destroy the system if they can't steal it. Hence all the posturing.

I suggest that if you are interested in Bak Fu Pai, you should contact someone affiliated and not these bozo splinter groups-

One built his world on stolen bootlegs and the other built his on a half dozen forms and that many years kicking dope at Doo Wai's feet.

Besides white supremacy doctrines, what these two have in common is an alliance with the ghost of BFP's founding monk, of whom they BOTH(strangely) claim to be a reincarnation.

10-24-2000, 05:12 PM
Let me describe my interactions with James Lacy. I called him on the telephone, I exchanged email with him, and I've viewed three of his tapes from Panther. This guy is a total fraud. As far as pretending to be insane let me say that I think the guy IS insane. I think he's a nutcase who believes his own BS. I don't think it's an act. I've also heard elsewhere that he has been in prison, although I didn't ask him about it. And yes he is DEFINITELY a racist.

First let me talk about the phone call. I placed this to him after visiting his site. The guy referred to asians as "a godless race" and said that all chinese boxing originated in Judea/Sumaria. He then spouted a conspiracy theory about the five elders, which I told him I doubted. It sounds like oral tradition to me. Like a lot of things in the martial arts it is not to be taken at face value. My first question was about the coconuts. Why break coconuts, they're not native to China are they? He then told me that coconuts were found in the Taklamakan desert of northern china. He said that he possessed satellite photos which proved this desert was once abundant. Yeah right. My next question was about 18 Daoist Palms. What is it? Why isn't it ever defined at the web site? How can he claim to know 170 hand sets? Why is there no history of 18 Daoist Palms at the site or anywhere else? Why aren't any other students of Doo Wai claiming to know this system. If it exists then someone else should be doing it. And they're not. Lacy dodged the question. He also claimed that 18 daoist Palms encompassed white eyebrow, white tiger, and other arts. I told him that this sounded ridiculous. There is no record of an 18 Daoist Palms system anywhere. So how can it encompass those arts? And how can he claim to know them? He went back to babbling. I asked him why his senior students are called 'lohons'( a buddhist term) when he claims to teach Taoist arts? No answer. I asked him why he lists all these students/associates at his site without giving email addresses? Is he afraid someone will talk to them directly? Again he just babbled. He was doing word salad.

This guy is a fraud. He is also probably crazy. It's sad that he lies so brazenly. That may be why he's crazy. Maybe he couldn't tell what the truth was anymore. That's tragic. People like Lacy degrade the martial arts community. The only thing the guy knows is kenpo, and that's an american art of purloined techniques. I guess he figured he could make up an art called 18 Daoist Palms. If someone can create kenpo and call it authentic then why can't he. He learned a lot from the kenpo people. Lie brazenly, keep away from specifics and cultivate controversy. That will distract people from the fact that you are a charlatan.

10-24-2000, 05:37 PM
Let me continue on Lacy. There are some things I left out. I emailed Lacy and asked about his 18 Daoist Palms book on sale at ryukyu.com. He replied that I should just send him $130.00 and he would give me photocopies of all the published magazine articles he has written over the years. What a scumbag. That's illegal and totally unethical. And let's talk about his site. If you look through the various tapes he has for sale you will notice something very odd. Several of the tapes have descriptions like "legend says each of these forms originally cost $4000". Wow that's interesting. I don't think US dollars were the currency used by Chinese. Since communism there has been a black market for currency and yes people love dollars in present China but Lacy is talking about a time at least a couple hundred years ago! I wonder if the price $4000 means 4000 year 2000 dollars, 4000 year 1950 dollars, 4000 year 1850 dollars or what!! As you know there is such a thing as inflation. Lacy is so dumb he probably doesn't realize the effect of inflation even exists. Take an economics class. Look at the consumer price index(or the producer price index). 4000 dollars was a fortune in 1950(in my view). Imagine 4000 dollars in the year 1900! Now imagine 4000 dollars in the year 1800. In real terms(purchasing power) that was extraordinary. The price of goods was far less than today. If Lacy knew that he wouldn't make such a dumb mistake. What a fool!

10-25-2000, 05:30 AM
modest seeker,

Thanks for the post! One could literally write several volumes on the various rantings of this man. What I think is really sad, is that some on this forum actually use him as an authority, and cite him when launching unfounded attacks on GM Doo Wai...now try and explain that????

10-25-2000, 12:11 PM
modest seeker
were those tapes of the GM Doo Wai performing the forms or some of lacy's boys. i would suspect that they would be lacy's boys and i have to admit they are crap. if you have seen the GM Doo performing, then you would not speak the same way. Lacy might be nuts, but the material with doo wai on it is real, whatever anyone else says is crap.
the truth is out there /infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif /infopop/emoticons/icon_eek.gif

10-25-2000, 02:06 PM
i havent seen any of these tapes to comment on both lacy and doo wai. i read the web on vince peppers and he is more real than lacy and rizzo by the sounds of things. does anyone know of vince peppers and his training with doo wai.

does he have more white tiger than the rest?

peace /infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif