View Full Version : what is the diffenece between tibetan and chinese chi gung??

11-01-2000, 11:40 PM
apart from it's origin is there any differences. is one more powerful than the other.

anyone practise tibetan chi kung? if so what type of chi kung is it called.


Shaolin Master
11-02-2000, 02:21 AM
Usually the differences can be attributable to the different energic perspective of the body. That is, in Tibetan Internal Qigong the centres of energy follow more of a similarity with Indian medical concepts rather than Chinese. This being the Tibetan version not of Chinese Tibetan martial arts because in that case they have already been absorbed into the myriad of chinese medical thought.
If you have seen concepts such as Chakra Centres, aryuvedic medicine, tibetan medicine, chinese medicine ... you will see.
In Chinese practice there are 3 Centres (Upper,middle & Lower) then they are related to energic paths. In tibetan there are more centres and the paths vary slightly (not the small circulation but the Larger one).
Externally there is more mantra and sounds emphasis in some tibetan schools in combinaton with matreiya hand movements. Some Chinese Schools also have these external movements but again have usually been redefined in TCM principles even though their origins may have been tibetan


Shi Chan Long

11-04-2000, 02:46 PM
omid tor fut!! /infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

11-05-2000, 10:32 PM
Shaolin Master, would it be safe to practice both Tibetan and chinese chi kung?

Shaolin Master
11-07-2000, 02:25 AM
I do not recommend practising different QiGong at once it is not correct.
Always practise one by one (Even Chinese Qigong of one type to another).

The Fundamental Qi Manipulations and circulations are the key. There are Many practises all leading to the same path /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Shi Chan Long

11-07-2000, 09:57 PM
Shaolin Master, what exactly do you mean when you say "at once?" Do you mean in the same day?

11-07-2000, 09:57 PM
would it be okay to practice them on opposite days from one another?

Shaolin Master
11-08-2000, 12:46 AM
Practice One by One (til completeness)...just like martial arts if you mumbo jumbo you will be soso only, except with qigong could have more detremental effects other than just skills.
Qigong is all the same in the end just learn one well rather than a hundred soso.
You are trying to achieve Qi Gong so why do it different ways just find the correct way and stick to that path.

Shi Chan Long

11-08-2000, 06:58 PM
Well, some people who have done certain chi kungs to completeness claim that as long as you do them at seperate times of day, it is ok. So would you agree with me doing this, once I have mastered one to completeness and I want to start to learn another?

Shaolin Master
01-24-2001, 08:15 AM
A Qigong method is usually wholistic, internal and external developing Qi taking forever to accomplish.

Learning a set of excercises and remembering them performing them correctly is not complete Qi Gong.

BaduanJin, Liangong etc are simple Qi gong exercises, the Qigong training involves those exercises and much more.

In essence one complete method is enough many exercises doesn't matter as such.

Hope it helps you

Shi Chan Long

01-24-2001, 09:25 PM
Thanks, ShaolinMaster. I really appreciate it. Peace.