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02-02-2002, 03:34 AM
I was getting ready to go to training when my sister asked me to get some heavy things from the car. At that time we were getting our house tiled & this IDIOT tiler had spilt sand & other bits of slippery stuff on the top & on the stairs wich was not visible. I had to catch my bus so i walking fast & as soon as i got to the top of the stairs i slipped & went flying high in the air. I was coming down hard & fast, either my back/spine or the back of my head was gonna hit the edge of the stairs. So i had to try to stop & all my weight of 95kg went straight to my hand/wrist.(bad idea) I just felt the worst pain i have ever ever experienced, i looked at my hand & it looked deformed. It was out of place & all i was saying was i will never be able to do kung fu again. My sis & uncle heard the bang & ran over, my sis was panicking, my uncle was saying come inside put some ice on it & trying to touch it. I just said get me to the FUKN hospital at top speed NOW. When i got there a doc that was walking past seen the PAIN in my face (i couldnt even sit) & seen me holding my hand. Even he was spinning out & called me over, he wasnt even ment to c me & said thats a bad break u got there. I had to wait like 1 hr b4 i could go to surgery, had to get x rays & the morphine wasnt really helping. When i finished x rays the doc 4 the surgery came after not long, they had me on the drip & some things on my fingers 4 my pulse i think. Than the doc told them to give me a lot more morphine coz i was still in pain & grabbed my arm & hand & tryed to pull back in place a little.(Man the PAIN but when he finished it felt a mountain was lifted off me or a sword was pulled out of my heart) Still had to be snapped in place.(in surgery)

Anyway the doc said it was 1 of the worst breaks his seen. The bone at the wrist broke/snapped (I think its the something radius) & came out of place & almost stuffed up my nerves in my fingers they really badly swollen. This was last yr january,1yr ago.

I wanted to ask if theres anything a TCM doc can do 4 me like accupuncture, accupressure, herbs, tui na, chi healing palm.... anything to strengthen the bone/marrow?

Or what about qigong is there any Qigong sets to strengthen bone/marrow & make it less stiff? If so whats the names & is there any good places in Sydney Aus.

I have heard of Iron Shirt, Golden Bell, Kidney qigong being able to strengthen bone is this true?

they said a small bone had to grow back & fill up with bone marrow so i was advised to take it easy 4 a while. I was back training in 6 months but now im on a form thats on a big bag filled with sand & having problems. Even other parts of my training especially animal fist techs.,normal punches & push ups.
The elder sifu at our kwoon has been to canton tcm college & knows tcm passed down thru his family system from shaolin & my mates hung ga sifu knows some healing pam/qigong is this a good idea 4 my wrist?

Chris McKinley
02-03-2002, 02:13 AM
Bud, from a western remedial medicine perspective, you're looking at probably 2 to 3 years before that area can take the same stresses as it was able to previously, so lay off the heavy bag work and the pushups. Qigongs may help, but are usually far more systemic than local in effect. Therefore, the benefits they offer will be undramatic and a long time in coming. That does, however, exclude the use of localized healing external qigong from someone with experience. Even the regular qigongs can't hurt though, and might make a nice addition to the total treatment mix.

A more target approach would be a balanced calcium citrate/magnesium supplement, a good quantity of green leafy vegetables and plain water in your diet, along with regular acupuncture or at least acupressure treatment.

An acupuncturist will know what to do for it, but until or between visits, you can also add acupressure to the following points on BOTH arms:

LI-11, LI-4, LI-15, GB-21, TW-14, TW-5, TW-4 (ONLY if there is absolutely NO pain whatsoever), PC-7 (again, only if there is ZERO pain), PC-6, PC-3, L-6, and L-7.

On a less frequent basis, say once a week, you can add K-3, K-6, B-60, B-62, and Sp-6. Press these points on each leg.

If you are unfamiliar with the locations of these points, I would recommend the book "Essential Anatomy for Healing & Martial Arts" by Marc Tedeschi as one of the better books for western readers. It's fairly inexpensive and packed with very well-organized reference material.

02-20-2002, 07:58 AM
Speaking as a Student of acupuncture and Tui Na.

I would suggest that u see a Tui Na practitioner, as they will be able to manipulate the soft tissues and ligaments in your arm, wrist & hand.

They will also be able to prescribe some external applications such as herbal lineaments, poultices that you can place over the injuried area.

Basically the herbal side will speed up the recovery rate depending on how much qi stagnation and blood stasis there is in the local area and channels.

Diet wise, eat more red meat, lamb, red beans, beetroot are very good in helping the Spleen to produce more blood for the body to recover.

Qi gong wise, find someone who teaches soft qi gong, where you learn to lead your qi via your mind. It's important to remember that "Qi leads your blood to the extremities and around the body, but Blood is the Mother of Qi".

The two depend on eachother and co-exist with eachother.

If your hand / fingers feels cold or numb then there is a deficiency in your qi & blood in being able to circulate to your extremities. Also you might want to soak your hands in a bowl warm - hot water to help with the existing blood & qi stagnation.

But definitely go and see a qualified Acupuncturist / Tui Na, they may also prescribe some internal herbs for you to take.
Obviously the internal herbs work a lot quicker in moving the stagnation & producing new blood, then you'll need some needling or tui na manipulation.

Let me know how you get on.

02-22-2002, 07:09 AM
Contact Fiercest Tiger at:


He is in Sydney. He may be able to help. :)


02-22-2002, 08:02 AM
Feldor does FT do TCM or tui na or qigong healing that u know of?
And thanks for the reply.

PakMei & Chris, thanks for the advice also. I will post a reply once i see a TCM doctor or healer & tell u guys how it goes.

02-22-2002, 08:22 AM
Yes, he probably has a few options for you. Just send him an email.