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  1. Southern Feet, Northern Hands

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    Which is why Jon Jitsu is revolutionary.
    Choy li fut is a combination of:

    Choy Gar
    Li Gar
    Fut Gar

    yes, it uses the "southern hands / northen feet" idiom. But each style has it's own foot and hand work that has been worked in.
    Most schools that teach using this idiom have a northern style and a southern style being taught. Often times by the same teacher.

    Bak Sil Lum (Bei Shaolin) for instance is North Shaolin
  2. Capoeira and Combat Theory

    All fighting systems have a combat theory. This theory expresses out how a particular system understands and responds to combat. As such, a combat theory explicates the function and application of combative tools (i.e., fighting techniques).

    As someone who studies the art of fighting for sake of attaining combat proficiency I have endeavored to extract a combat theory from Capoeira. Thus this process has been informed by my study under a variety of individuals, conversations with ...
  3. Cheung Hung Sing: Founder of Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu

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    Cheung Hung Sing

    張炎公 佛山鴻勝館 (1824-1893)

    FOUNDER OF THE FUT SAN HUNG SING KWOON, AND HUNG SING KUEN aka the Hung Sing method of Choy Lee Fut

    Cheung Yim was his original name and he was born in the Sun Wui Dong Ling Village during the Qing Dynasty. His parents were murdered and he was under the care of his uncle Cheong